Why do my second story windows need to be restricted and what options do I have?

The Building Code of Australia has window regulations for openable windows, to reduce the risk of people falling from windows. By law, windows above the ground floor with a fall of two meters to the ground, need to be fitted with either a device to restrict the window’s opening, or a suitable barrier. We believe windows should be able to operate as they are intended to, without risking the safety of your family, so we created the SafeLine® fall prevention screen.

Window restrictions and options available with each window range:

 - With our Horizon window range, you can either have window restrictors added which will prevent your window from opening more than 100mm, or install SafeLine® fall prevention screens.

- If you are using the Paragon range, you will need to use SafeLine® screens on upstairs openable windows.

- For our Natura range, the window opening will require the use of a window restrictor.

Our SafeLine® fall prevention screens are made with resilient mesh for maximum strength and let your window operate as they were intended. Speak to us on 1300 943 352 about having SafeLine® safety screens installed on your windows.



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