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10 Ways To Get More Light Into Your Home - Wideline

10 ways to get more light into your home


Do you have dark or dull rooms in your home? Don’t switch on a light, there are ways to increase the amount of light streaming into your home naturally. These 10 ways to help maximise the sunlight in your home will give your family a healthier, happier and brighter home environment.

1. Remove or replace window treatments.

If your window treatments are heavy or dark and are blocking too much light, consider removing or replacing them. Light colours and light weight fabrics will help your space feel brighter.

2.  Replace solid doors with glass doors.

Replace entry doors with glass hinged doors or French doors. Glass doors can also be used as internal doors between rooms to allow light to flow between areas. Privacy is achievable with a glass door, as frosted and obscure glass options are available.

3. Add glass panels

Adding highlites, lowlites or sidelites on your doors and windows will make the most of the available wall space and maximise light coming in.

a gorgeous entrance and front door


4. Paint in light colours.

Choose white or light colours for areas of your home that don’t receive enough sunlight. Avoid having dark walls if you have dark floors.

5. Maximise your windows.

Upgrade smaller windows to larger windows to improve the amount of natural sunlight entering the home. With the help of your builder, walls can become floor to ceiling windows and smaller windows can be replaced with larger ones. Living areas are obvious places to install more windows, but also consider stairways and hallways to allow natural light to flow to these thoroughfares of the home.

Wideline Sliding Window in a luxurious kitchen 

6. Replace windows with doors.

Glass doors open areas of wall space so natural daylight can flood the room. Consider replacing some windows with sliding doors or French doors that open to the outdoors, or turn a wall into a sliding stacking door, or a bi-fold door.

Wideline Bi-Fold Doors in a luxurious space 

7. Widen doorways

Look at where you can expand both internal and external doorways to allow more light into the home. A wide entry front door can make a grand first impression, while also allowing light to flood into the passageway. Glass options allow your wide entry door to maintain privacy.

8. Take down unnecessary walls

Creating open plan living has a range of benefits including allowing light natural to reach more areas of your home. Look at your floor plan to see how small, pokey areas could be opened up to connect to larger, brighter areas of the home.

9. Decorate with mirrors.

Large wall mirrors reflect light back into the room. Place a mirror on a wall opposite a window to reflect light and views from the window into the room. Large mirrors placed adjacent to a window will make it seem there are more windows and more light.

10. Garden maintenance

Trim any hedges and trees that may be blocking the natural light coming into your windows and doors.

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