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10 Ways Windows Impact Your Living Environment - Wideline

10 ways windows impact your living environment


Every room in your house can benefit from natural light, ventilation and views. There are many different styles of windows to choose from as well as custom windows that allow further control over architectural styling and design. If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your interior, take a closer look at your windows! Whether you are purchasing new windows for a new home build or replacing windows for a renovation, here are 10 ways to improve your interior living through window design.

1.  Increase natural light for healthier living

Like plants, we are living creatures that thrive in sunlight. Ensure that you have a good source of natural light in every room, especially your main living areas. Our bodies need full spectrum light for optimal function, so plan for window placement that increases the natural light in areas you work or spend a lot of time in.

2.  Enhance your room with feature windows

Consider the room the window will be placed in and take the opportunity for installing windows that complement the room. For example, a tall ceiling might benefit from a bank of power louvres to capture both light and ventilation. A smaller room could use a sequence of windows to bring in a panoramic view and help make the room feel larger.

3.  Frame your view 

Windows are perfect for framing the outside view. The scenic view out your window can be the feature to your room, a piece of living and ever changing art. A dramatic ocean or forest view can command floor to ceiling windows. But it does not have to be a multi-million-dollar view to be special. Even the smallest outdoor space can be creatively designed to capture a lovely view of plants or a little outdoor sanctuary through your window. Determine the perfect view you want to capture and then choose a window that will enhance it. A fixed lite window works well for framing a view, where you don’t need the functionality of an openable window.

4.  Consider glass options for privacy

If there’s a place in your home where you want natural light but need to maintain privacy, you can still have a window! There are a number of glass options that can offer natural light into your home but maintain privacy. Privacy glass can have varying translucency to allow some view to the outside, as desired.

5.  Allow fresh air into your life

It is well documented by scientific studies that indoor air is far more polluted than outdoor air. Plan to install some windows that can be opened up even when it is raining, or you are out. This will ensure a mould free, healthier living environment for you and your family. Awning windows work well to let in fresh air but keep inclement weather out.

6.  Be strategic about your wall space

If you have limited wall space for windows, consider placing horizontal windows high on the wall. This allows you to have privacy, hang artwork or place furniture against the wall but still have natural light and ventilation entering the room. High windows are also a design feature used by architects and are becoming very common in bedrooms. Some areas might not be able to have a window without the creative use of wall space.

7.  Design your windows around the orientation of your property

Window placement within the house can greatly affect the energy efficiency, as well as the amount of light you have in your rooms. You might not want the sun in your bedroom early in the morning so you choose smaller windows, or you might want large windows to capture a sunset vista from your dining area. These are important aspects to consider when planning the size and location of your windows and what it will be like to live in the home.

8.  Use shapes and sizes for visual interest

Create interest with a mixture of windows and solid space on walls. Make patterns with windows that are visually appealing to the eye. Create custom shaped windows that are designed seamlessly for your space. Group windows together and take advantage of views. Make sure you consider how the window placement will affect the inside of the home as well as how they will look on the exterior of the home.

9.  Use energy efficient windows

Choosing the right glass for your home is just as important as choosing the right windows. Energy efficient glass will have an impact on the overall comfort of your home, as well as reduce sun glare. Heat loss and heat gain can be reduced through the location of glass in the house and the use of insulating glass.

10.  Windows can be used as the artwork for your interiors

Windows can be the eye-catching feature in a room. There’s no better artist than mother nature and the artwork is enhanced from a beautiful frame. Choosing a window that enhances your room and your view adds interest to your room, you’ll find you need less colours and finishes to the inside of the room. Use the windows for inspiration to how you decorate the rest of the room.


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