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17 window placement do’s and don’ts

Window placement do’s and don’ts


Are you renovating or building and planning your window placement? Optimising your window placement should be a priority when building or renovating. When it comes to window placement, here are some things that Wideline recommends you do and don’t do:


  • Create consistency in your window placement. Careful window choice and placement will result in a home that is pleasing to the eye.
  • Choose windows for a renovation that work with existing windows.
  • Consider your window placement from the outside and inside of the home.
  • Consider replacing windows with doors in areas you want more light and airflow or indoor/outdoor access.
  • Compare glass types to choose the right glass for the location.
  • Use toned glass in windows that get a lot of direct sun.
  • Provide ventilation with openings more than 10% of the floor area of a room.
  • Place windows where they can capture the prevailing breezes.
  • Place windows where they will get cross ventilation.
  • Place a window where it will capture a commanding view.
  • Use opaque glass in areas that need privacy.
  • Determine sill heights on the use of the room and the furniture within it.


  • Place an openable window style that will interfere with what’s outside the window. E.g. a path or door opening.
  • Measure your windows yourself – get an expert window installer or builder in!
  • Plant trees or build fences where they will interfere with air movement to the windows.
  • Use a fixed window where ventilation is required.
  • Place large windows facing west – they will let in too much hot afternoon sun into your home.

For more information about window placement, visit our info centre. If you have any questions or would like further assistance with selecting and ordering your new Wideline windows, visit a Wideline showroom or call us on 1300 943 354 and our friendly staff will be happy to help.