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6 Renovation Goals For 2017: Check It Out! - Wideline

6 Renovation goals for 2017


While you’re still feeling revitalised and inspired by the prospect of a new year, this is the time to set resolutions that will make this year a success. So NOW is the time to create home renovation goals to tackle throughout the year.

Entertaining season and the extra time spent around home over the holidays often highlights limitations in your home or house improvements you would like to make. Use this as inspiration to set home improvement goals for 2017, and motivation so that by next holiday season, you can enjoy them!

Here are 6 window and door renovation goals to consider for your home in 2017:

Window goals

1. Make your home a healthier environment

Do you have rooms that are dark, lacking airflow or have mould? To give your family a healthier environment, consider window replacement with larger windows, installing new windows where there aren’t any, or installing openable window styles that will improve airflow. Find out which windows are best for tackling these home deficiencies.

2. Create a kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining

Do you dream of having a kitchen that’s easy to entertain from? Consider installing a bi-fold kitchen servery window to connect your kitchen with the outdoor entertaining areas. Bi-fold servery windows open-up the area for easier serving and socialising, and ensure that no one is stuck in the kitchen alone. They are great for letting in fresh air and light too.

3. Make your home greener

Do you rely too much on air conditioning? Does the summer sun stream into your home making it a hot house? Resolve to improve the comfort of your home before next summer, by replacing old windows with energy efficient windows. Not only will your home be more pleasant to live in, you might even save on bills! Windows can be the weakest insulating link of your home, but selecting the right glass will greatly improve your home comfort, both in summer and in winter. Find out more about Wideline’s glass options or speak to a Wideline window specialist to find out how to choose the right glass for your home.

Door goals

1. Increase the entertaining areas in your home

Do you need more entertaining space? Opening up your home’s indoor entertaining areas to the outdoors can double your entertaining space and allow easy flow around the home. Additional benefits include an improved outlook and an increase in light and fresh air in the home. Consider a bi-fold door, sliding stacking door or even a cavity stacking door.

2. Connect your home with the outdoors

Do you want to improve the rooms you spend the most time in? Your study space could be enhanced by installing a sliding door, so you can step out to a patio. Your living room or bedroom could open to the garden space with French doors. Replacing windows with glass doors can connect your home to new living outdoor areas or make better use of existing ones. Talk to one of our window and door specialists about how your home could benefit from installing new glass doors.

3. Ensure your home and family are safe

Do you have external doors that don’t work properly or are a security risk? Make it a priority to replace any doors around your home that aren’t functioning as they should. Updating old, defective doors will improve your everyday routine and ensure your home isn’t at risk of intruders. This should be at the top of your 2017 resolutions list. For increased security in your home, ask your Wideline consultant about installing SecureLine ™ Security screens on your windows and doors.

A home can feel like a never-ending project, but don’t get overwhelmed. Set yourself a short list of achievable goals for the year, and each month check where you are on your list to ensure you achieve your home renovation goals before 2018!