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7 Tips That Will Help To Make Your Renovation Easier!

7 tips that will help make your renovation easy


1. Live first then plan

Make sure you spend some time living in your home before making renovation plans. It’s important that you experience what the home is like to live in. You’ll find out details like where the sun goes and what parts of the home are hot or cold. You’ll find out how your family utilises the space. This experience often changes what you tackle first for your renovation. It’s so important to learn about where you are living before you change it. This will help you add the most value and create the best changes to the home.

2. With every detail, consider the big picture

Having a big picture plan for your renovation is important to ensure continuity with the design and your desired result. If you’re renovating your home one room at a time, ensure all areas are planned with a sense of how they will fit into the big picture. Like chores, with a renovation you often find yourself having to do something else before you can do the thing you are wanting to do! So with each step, keep the big picture in mind.

3. Invest where it matters

You’ll have seen all the TV shows, Pinterest posts and blogs encouraging how you too can DIY. It’s true that part of the renovation work you may be able to do yourself. Things like gutting a room, repainting or removing flooring can be done without much experience, but ensure you invest the dollars where it is worth it. Get a professional for the areas of your renovation that use large chunks of your budget or are highly specialised. Get the job done right the first time. Don’t overestimate your ability. Trying to save a bit could end up costing you a lot. That’s why Wideline always recommend you hire a licensed builder to measure and install your windows.

4. Adjust to changes

We can plan as much as we want, but when it comes to a renovation, chances are you will encounter surprises along the way. You’re going to need to be flexible, stay positive, think on your feet and seek advice when needed. You might even find that you do extra work in the house that you hadn’t planned for, to increase the quality of your end renovation.

5. Focus and prioritise

Life is busy. Juggling work, kids, commitments and renovations can be more than one person should handle. Accept that there may be some things that you have to put on hold for a short period during your renovation. Focus your time, energy and money on the most important aspects of the renovation and don’t let yourself be side-tracked by distractions that are not conducive to your end goal. If you find you’re juggling too many things at once, consider hiring a project manager, designer, architect or builder to assist with your renovation.

6. Look after your health

Your health is more important than anything else. Make sure you get enough rest and nourish your body with good food. You want to operate effectively through your renovation. Also, be aware of dangers around the renovation site – dust, mould, asbestos, lead paint, VOCs, and missing floors/wall/railings. Be particularly careful if you have children living around the renovation. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing, footwear, protective eyewear/hearing, gloves and masks when tackling certain parts of your renovation also.

7. Keep moving forwards

In this world of plenty, there is so much choice. Researching all the possibilities for your renovation can be so time consuming and overwhelming. The pressure gets harder when you know that you will have to live with your decisions for a long time. You could keep hunting for the perfect curtains, the ultimate tile, or the best kitchen cabinet handles forever! Avoid spending excessive time deliberating or driving from shop to shop. When you make choices for your renovation - make them, then make them right! Once you’ve made your choice, don’t keep looking and questioning if you made the best decision. Trust your judgment and move on to the next part of the renovation that needs your attention. Otherwise you won’t get to where you want to be – a finished home perfect for your family.

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