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Australian Trends in Outdoor Living - Wideline Windows & Doors

Australian Trends in Outdoor Living


Blending indoor and outdoor living is one of the biggest home trends for 2016. Home owners are investing in their backyards to create comfortable, entertaining outdoor rooms as extensions of their homes. We are wanting our backyards to be friendlier for entertaining and just as functional as our indoor areas.

There are other benefits to this home trend – it can also add to the value of your home, it creates more living space and can reduce the amount of water needed to maintain the garden! Some home-owners are transforming their outdoor rooms into high end living spaces with outdoor kitchens, sound systems and even fireplaces.

How to connect your outdoor and indoor living spaces

The perfect way to connect your outdoor living space to your home is with functional glass exterior doors that open up the two living areas.

Verandas, patios, decks and balconies are some of the most cherished parts of our homes. We have so little time off that our backyards and balconies have become our sanctuaries for relaxation. We want to be able to make use of them as much possible. The perfect way to make the most of your outdoor space is by using French doors, a bi-fold door, or sliding patio door that allows your outdoor and indoor areas to seamlessly connect.

90 degree sliding stacking doors by Wideline, house by Mojo Homes.

Sliding stacker  90° doors by Wideline

If you are building or renovating with limited space, it’s still possible to have outdoor living! If you want to have some connection to the outdoors, the perfect solution might be to sacrifice some indoor space, as long as you can do some of your living outdoors. The best way to do this is to use custom glass doors that function as walls, and open up your indoor room to enjoy the adjoining outdoor space. The seamless transition between the two areas will make your overall living space feel larger.

Blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor living

By using the same architectural details and style you have throughout your home in the outdoor room, you can make them seem as if they are the same space. The best way to do this is to use glass doors that function as walls, and can open up your indoor room to the adjoining outdoor space.

Creating living spaces that encompass outdoor and indoor recreational areas is easy to do with our modern windows and doors. The Paragon aluminium bi-fold door range offers large panel widths giving designers and home owners an excellent selection of design options for opening up a large area. When designing your outdoor living space, think about it the way you would your indoor living area, taking into account all the activities you’ll be doing or that you’ll want to do in your outdoor room.

Metricon home showcasing Wideline Natura timber bi-fold doors.

Metricon home with Wideline Natura timber bi-fold doors

Open up Your space with exterior windows and doors

Think about what areas of your life you can integrate together with the right exterior doors and windows.

If you are someone who likes entertaining but doesn't want to be stuck in the kitchen while everybody else is having fun in the backyard, a kitchen bi-fold window or gas strut window servery will allow you to be connected to the outdoor living area and allow easy passing of food and conversation. It’s easy to see why these are our most popular windows!

 Paragon kitchen bi-fold servery window

Home renovation by Better Homes & Gardens, kitchen bi-fold servery by Wideline

This is just one of the design trends we are seeing this year with home-owners using functional glass doors and windows to connect their outdoor and indoor living areas.

Large glass windows like the Paragon casement window allow generous sash panels that when opened, create an indoor – outdoor connection allowing, flow of music, air and conversation to an outdoor area. Paired with a Paragon Bi-fold door, this gives both architectural aesthetics and functional practicality for enjoying your living spaces.

Keep unwanted guests out

Screen doors are easy to add to our sliding door range and exterior window screens can be fitted to our Wideline windows. We offer a diverse range of screening solutions for your home including safety screens, pet screens, fall prevention screens and security screens. So you can entertain your guests without any pests.

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