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Coffs to Cali: a Palm Springs renovation - Wideline

Coffs to Cali - a Palm Springs renovation


Former winner of The Block (with his brother Shannon) and DIY demon Simon Vos is bringing a slice of California to his home at Coffs Harbour.

Being a plumber by trade and DIY king, Simon will be taking on most of the work himself - learning everything from how to make his own bath to pouring a concrete bench. 

We follow the adventure as he and wife Ash transform their old brick house into an Australian style Palm Springs home.

"In an ever changing market it’s always a great time to think of creative ways for you to add value to your home" says Ash Vos.

The Cool Conversion

The first room for an overhaul? The dated and damp downstairs laundry is completely reimagined to become a stylish studio apartment. Perfect for when friends or family stay, also handy to rent out.

Cali to Coffs studio

The interior design selections take their cues from the natural surrounds: muted floral tones and dazzling gem hues work wonders to bring the great outdoors in. 

When you're working with a small space, every square inch counts. So it's important to think about creating zones in the one room. 

Studio apartment bathroom   Studio apartment kitchen

A clever sleeping nook and in built storage maximised the living space.

Paragon bi-fold servery window and sliding door draws the outside in and enhances the light.

Louvre window with privacy glass in the WC is a stylish solution for ventilation and natural light. All finished in Textura Monument.

Watch the full episode here.

Follow Simon & Ash as they transform the rest of the house.

If you'd like to know more about their window or door selections, visit a Wideline Showroom or call 1300 943 354.