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How To Know If Your Home Make a Good First Impression? Find Out Here

Does your home make a good first impression?


"A great entrance can tell the story of your home beautifully” says Sydney designer Meryl Hare. As the saying goes, first impressions count, and this is just as true for the entrance to your home!

Your entryway is where you welcome guests, so it gives a glimpse into your personality and style for those arriving. A great entryway is a selling point of a home and should create a welcoming feel. Your entrance sets the scene for what’s inside!

Giving your entrance an update is like giving your home a facelift, and it can add valuable curb appeal. Not only is this where you welcome guests, but this is the place you enter and exit every day, have goodbye kisses and welcome back hugs. It is a place of family rituals. The entrance to your home is an area that is highly functional but also your face to the world. Your entry style should work with your lifestyle and personality. You may prefer a formal entrance to your home, or a more casual one. Each entry style has a different purpose, look and feel:

  • A formal welcoming

A more formal reception will minimize visual access to the home, to create a welcoming area that is separate from the living areas of the home.

  • A casual arrival

A more relaxed and casual entrance would have your entryway open to a spacious, open area with visual access to the family hub.

How to give a good first impression?

A mix of architectural and design elements can be used to create interest, and light. The veranda, door style, lighting fixtures, garden features and flooring materials all come together to create the style of the entrance to your home. When planning your entryway, start from the outside. You can make your entrance as impressive as you like. Both modern and classical style façades work well with striking features to an entryway.  

The front door

This is the most important element in the entrance to your home. Front entry doors can be glass doors and timber doors or a combination of both.

  • A glass entrance door offers a window to the outside world, while also giving plenty of light. They are especially useful in small entryways to brighten up the area. Obscure glass can offer privacy if required.
  • A timber entry door can achieve light through glass sidelights, highlights and transoms. Solid timber doors are especially popular in traditional style homes. Timber doors give a natural warmth to a home and they can be painted to make a personalised statement for your front door.

The trend with doors is that they are becoming larger. We are even seeing floor to ceiling doors. Double door frames add a big statement to the front of your house, instantly creating the feeling that you have arrived some-place special. Since many homes are limited by their width, the opportunity for a grand effect can often be achieved through using taller doors.

Some modern homes are moving away from the traditional hinged door and are using sliding doors as the entryway to their home to maximise living space. A sliding door used in this way serves a dual purpose; to be an entrance to the home and offer easy access to the entertaining areas. Guests literally arrive into the heart of the home.

Feature windows

Windows are a great addition to your entry way as they:

  • Let in natural light.
  • Help a small area to feel larger.
  • Can be used to make impressive entrance features.

Adding a window to your entrance helps it to feel more welcoming. Creative window placement can make an impressive feature to your entrance. Using sidelights, transoms and custom fixed windows around the doorway can add architectural impact to your entrance. If you want privacy around your entrance you can opt for privacy glass, or use clever window placement that still gives privacy.

The flooring

This area will have the most traffic, so choose durable materials. A porch or deck can impact your entrance both aesthetically and practically. There is an abundance of beautiful and hard-wearing materials to use for creating a pathway leading to your front door.

Lighting the way

A well-lit entrance creates a warm impression as well as improving your home security. Choose fixtures that complement the architectural design of your home. Consider solar powered lighting along paths that will automatically turn on as darkness falls.

Inside the front door

Some designers like to create a line of sight from the front door to the rear living area as this brings an inviting feeling into the home. Height upon entry creates a grand first impression, so if you have the opportunity, use it. Think about the other elements you have in your entrance-way to bring it all together.

Consider what storage you need to keep the space functional for your lifestyle, while also maintaining the first impression you want to make!

House by Montgomery Homes, windows by Wideline