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Have You Prepared Your Home For Winter? - Wideline

Have you prepared your home for winter?


Now that Autumn is here, it’s time to prepare your home for the cooler months. Here’s 15 useful tips to prepare your home for winter time.

1. Bring your winter clothes and bedding out of storage. Give them time to air out and wash them to freshen up if necessary.

2. Dust windowsills and skirting boards. It’s been a while since that spring clean, so give your home some attention to these smaller details. With the cooler weather, we are less inclined to open windows for fresh air, so make sure your living space is dust free and clean since you are going to be cozied up in it for the next few months.

3. Wash your windows. Clean off that summer rain residue and have your windows sparkling. You may not be opening them as much but you will be gazing out of them watching the season change. Clean or replace screens while you are attending to your windows.

4. Update your window treatments. Consider adding heavier curtains around windows to add a layer of insulation and help block cold air sneaking in.

5. Prepare the garden. Autumn is the best time to prepare your garden soil for next spring. Clean up, prune, and divide spring blooming perennials.

6. Check your outdoor lighting. Since it’s now darker both earlier at night and in the morning, make sure your entryway and walkways are well lit. You may want to install some solar powered lights along pathways.

7. Rake your lawn to keep it healthy as leaves fall. Add these leaves to your compost pile.

8. If you have a fireplace, prepare it for use. Call the chimney sweep around for a visit to ensure the chimney is free from residue and soot that builds up. Discard the old ashes and order firewood.

9. Review items in your pantry. Remove items that are more than six months old or out of date.

10. Check your home for cracks and gaps that are letting in draughts. Plug this air to limit heat loss.

11. Go through your home and open windows and doors to ensure the seal around the frame is in good condition. The majority of warm air in your home is lost through the windows and doors. Consider replacing old windows and doors to increase comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

12. Check your heaters are in good working order. If you have central air-conditioning, change the filters. Clean filters will keep your family healthier over the winter months, while there’s less natural airflow through open windows.

13. Clean your oven to prepare for winter baking.

14. Check your home smoke detectors. It’s recommended to test batteries twice per year. Daylight savings time is an excellent reminder to do this task.

15. Clean out your garage. Like a spring clean, organise your summer projects and clean and store your gardening tools.

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