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How To choose a Quality security Screen? Let Us Help You!

How to choose a quality security screen


Not all security screens are created equal. Here’s information on the 8 things to look for, to spot a quality security screen and make an informed choice. You'll find out that it is possible to enjoy clear unobstructed views whilst keeping your home secure with Wideline's SecureLine™ screen.

8 things to look for in a security screen:

1. Proven Australian Standards

Be aware that just because a product is advertised as a security screen door, it does not necessarily mean it is anything more than an expensive flyscreen in some states of Australia. The screen will only perform as a proven security door if it meets Australian Standard AS5039-2008. There are a number of tests that asses a screens resistance to forced entry, that must be passed to achieve the Australian Standard. The tests performed to achieve the Australian Standard rating can include:

  • Knife shear test
  • Dynamic impact test
  • Anti-jemmy test
  • Salt spray test
  • Pull test
  • probe test

Proper installation by a licenced professional is crucial to the security screen meeting Australian Standard AS5040. Make sure that your security screen door meets the Australian Standards. Safety screens and security screens are completely different products. Be aware that safety screens with diamond grilles do not need to meet any requirements.

2. Superior Security Screen Materials

The security screens frame

  • The frame of a security door can be made of steel or aluminium. Aluminium is less prone to corrosion than steel, so is well suited to our Australian coastal living.
  • There should be a deep receiver channel for the grille or mesh so that it can’t be pushed out of the frame easily.
  • A security screen should be reinforced at the corners.

Innovative screen construction

  • Steel bars and grills offer a secure option, but without the benefits of letting in ventilation while keeping out bugs. Placing bars on your doors and windows also give a feeling of being locked in. 
  • Stainless steel mesh is able to promise security without spoiling your view or house design. The highest quality stainless steel mesh is considerable to looking through standard flyscreen mesh.  
  • Perforated Aluminium has a similar look to stainless steel mesh, but is not considered as secure. Perforated aluminium doors are a modern replacement for the dated diamond grille safety screen doors. 

Strong fixing the screen to the frame

  • The strongest mesh or grille won’t work unless it is fixed to the door securely.  
  • For many safety doors the grille is riveted to the frame – our BarrierLine™ safety screens use rivets. 
  • For an even stronger connection, a security door, can be wedged or welded. 


  • Three-point locking will help prevent the bottom or top of the door being pulled up by an intruder. It also spreads the force of an attack. 


  • The door should have at least 3 hinges that are recessed so that the pins cannot be removed and also so it doesn’t allow jimmying for access.

3. Custom fit

  • Security screens should be custom made for your home. This accuracy is necessary to ensure they meet the Australian Standards. 

4. Safety in an emergency

  • Plan for where you will have access to exit your home in a fire or emergency. Bars, grilles and security screens protect your home from entering intruders, but they also make it harder for you to get out. Plan which windows and doors will be safest for you to have the added security installed on.

5. Installation

  • For a security screen to meet the Australian Standards for installation (AS 5040), it needs to be installed by a licenced installer. This is vital to ensure the screen performs as it would under the conditions of the strict Australian Standards testing.

6. Cost

  • Aluminium safety screens are the cheapest option for an entry level of security to your home, but they don’t offer a high level of protection. They act as a visual deterrent but won’t offer physical security. If you are after a cost effective solution to help increase the safety of your home, speak to us about having BarrierLine™ installed on your windows and doors.
  • Steel doors and window bars will cost you more than aluminium screens, but won’t keep out insects, so they offer less value for money.
  • Stainless steel mesh will cost more than the other options, but gives you all the benefits. You can have clear, unobstructed views while keeping your home safe. It’s like having a secure flyscreen. If this is the security solution you want for your home, you’ll want to speak to us about our SecureLine™ security screen.
  • Perforated aluminium costs will be similar to a steel door. While it offers insect protection, it won’t provide the strength and security level of a stainless steel mesh unless it meets AS-5039.

Now that you know what makes a quality security screen, you will understand why our SecureLine™ security screen offers a superior quality product.

SecureLine® was developed using innovation and technology that surpasses the Australian Standards for security doors. If you want a guaranteed, quality security screen that also gives you clear, unobstructed views, then call us on 1300 943 354 or get a quote with our easy to use online quotation tool.