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How To choose The Perfect Window in Only 7 Easy Steps

How to choose the perfect window in 7 easy steps


Do you need new windows for your renovation or build? Windows do more than simply let in light, so there are a few things to consider before selecting your windows and placing a window order. let’s walk you through the process of choosing your windows in 7 easy steps.

Step 1. Measure the window space

To begin the process of replacing your windows, take a took at our Guide To Correctly Measuring A Window and enlist the help of an experienced builder or window installer to measure the size for the new windows.

Consider where the window is placed in the room and the space around the window (both inside and out) as this information will be useful with choosing your window style and configuration. You will also want to foresee how much light and airflow will be required in the room. This information is essential to move on to step 2 and 3.

If you are building a new home, your window measurements will be on your house plan. You can bring these plans into a Wideline showroom for the next steps.

Step 2: Choose window range

Now you have your measurements, you are ready to compare the window ranges available. Visit your nearest Wideline showroom, or explore our website to discover which range: Paragon, Ascend, Horizon or Natura, is best suited to your architectural requirements and budget. Wideline’s aluminium window and door ranges are designed to work together, so you can place a Paragon door near an Ascend or Horizon window and still maintain a complimentary design aesthetic.

If you're building in light-weight cladding, you'll want to use our award-winning Halo Aquashield™ integrated flashing that is designed to wrap around Horizon and Ascend range windows for improved moisture management.

Step 3: Choose window style and configuration

Think about the space that each window will be in. How much airflow is required? Where do the prevailing winds come from? What furniture or obstructions are inside or outside the window? Our friendly staff can help you choose the best window for the requirements of the location and ensure you comply to Australian building codes.

Step 4: Choose glass type

Glass technology has vastly improved, so much so, that you can now choose glass that will reduce glare, reduce noise or improve the energy efficiency of your home. See the glass options on display in our showroom and compare the benefits of each glass type. Make sure you know how the movement of the sun will affect your windows before choosing your glass type. West facing windows will want higher performing glass.

Step 5: Choose window colour

Do you want your windows to stand out or blend into the home?

Most popular contrast colours are black, white and silver, and popular colours for blending into brick are Dune and Surfmist. Select from one of our colour ranges or have your windows colour matched to any colour you like!

Step 6: Choose window hardware

Browse our hardware selection to match the colour and style that will suit your home.

Step 7: Choose screen option

Screens can be much more than a standard fly screen. You have the choice of Wideline’s SecureLine™ security screens or BarrierLine™ safety screens that help keep your home and the people within it safe. If you are installing upstairs windows, consider fitting them with SafeLine™ fall prevention screens, to allow them to open without restrictions.

Now you are ready to get a quote and place your window order!

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