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How To Heat Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Area? - Wideline

How to heat up your outdoor entertaining area


Australian’s love to be outdoors, and with more of us creating outdoor rooms that function as the best entertaining areas in our homes, it would be sad to not make use of them just because summer has ended.

If your outdoor space is your favourite entertaining area, you’ll want to make sure that you've implemented ways to keep it useable over winter. Let’s look at some ways to keep your outdoor entertaining areas cosy over the cooler months:

Warm up with an outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace offers warmth and charm to your entertaining area. Some modern home builders are even offering homes with outdoor fireplaces in their entertaining area. Outdoor fireplaces are especially effective at warming if you have a covered outdoor area.

Stop the wind

Install a wall or screen to act as a wind break around your outdoor room. Even trees and hedges around the entertaining area can help. 

Decorate in dark colours

Dark pavers and paint will help hold the sun’s heat for longer as the day turns into evening (but beware that this will also make it hotter in summer).

Build a fire pit

Fire pits are on trend at the moment. You can even landscape your outdoor area around the fire-pit to create layered sitting areas. With the increase in popularity there are a few ready-made fire pits to choose from, or you could make it a DIY task. 

Have a day bed

Day beds are an inviting place to snuggle up outdoors, especially if they are covered or closed in on the side. Add some cushions and throw rugs and you will be cosy into the night. 

Add some extra light

Candles and tiki torches don’t add much heat, but their gentle glow helps to make the outdoors seem more inviting. 

Install a spa

Have you got the space for an outdoor spa? It’ll be very tempting on those cool winter nights to soothe your body in a hot outdoor Jacuzzi. 

Get an outdoor gas heater

Outdoor restaurant areas couldn’t tempt guests to sit outside without these. A gas heater can create a lot of warmth, and they are portable. They can be used on balconies and can even be incorporated into your landscaping, so you can entertain in your outdoor areas year-round. 

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