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How To Make Your Home a Safe Haven? - Wideline

How to make your home a safe haven


Our home is our sanctuary. Our safe place to return to after facing the world. Most importantly, our home’s hold safe the people we love. While many things might be out of our control, increasing the security of our home is something we do have control over. We tend to focus much effort on improving our house visually by dedicating time and money towards beautifying our homes, and whilst this is important, often the best money spent can be on things that improve the comfort, lifestyle and safety of the inhabitants.

Increase peace of mind

Putting focus on security around your home can help keep your loved ones (and belongings) feel safer and greatly increase your peace of mind. Imagine being able to leave windows open on a hot summer night to take advantage of the cooler air. Imagine going on holidays relaxed, knowing that your home is the most secure house in the street. You could enjoy all these benefits and more simply by installing Wideline’s SecureLine™ security screens on your windows and doors. And the best part is that our SecureLine® security screens offer the ultimate in security without compromising on your design or view.

Choosing your home security screen

Be aware that Safety Screens and Security Screens are entirely different products. If you have an aluminium diamond grille on your front door, it may be a safety screen. Safety screens are made with aluminium, both the frame and the diamond grille and act as a visual deterrent, not a physical barrier to entry. A quality Security screen is made with the highest grade Stainless Steel mesh. Superior materials, engineering and installation is what makes the difference between a safety and security screen.

There are many different security screens on the market. We’ve designed our SecureLine® security screen to surpass the Australian Standards.

Below are a few important things to look out for when choosing your next security screen:

  • Choose a security screen that has passed Australian Standard AS5039-2008. Products meeting this requirement have passed a knife sheer test, an anti-jimmy test and a dynamic impact test.
  • Choose a screen that is installed by a licenced security screen installer. The installation of the security screen is imperative, or the product will not perform to Australian Standards.
  • Choose a screen that is made from the highest quality stainless steel mesh, designed to withstand salt spray tests beyond 1000 hours. This ensures it is made to withstand tough Australian conditions.
  • Choose a screen that offers maximum protection, whilst not compromising your house design, style or views. Innovative security screens can actually enhance your home’s appearance and can also be much like looking through a flyscreen! 

Get ultimate security with maximum appeal

Wideline believes that home security does not need to come at the expense of losing design elegance or an open look and feel. That’s why Wideline created SecureLine™ Security Screens. SecureLine® is made from the highest quality 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and is built for harsh Australian conditions. By choosing SecureLine™ you can take comfort in knowing you are getting an authentic security screen, built to last and surpasses the Australian Standards. Wideline designed SecureLine™ security screens so that you can enjoy clear, unobstructed views whilst keeping your home safe and secure.

SecureLine™ security screens have been designed specifically for Wideline windows and doors, and can be retrofitted to most Wideline windows and doors and timber entry frames.