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Insulated glass – a natural choice for greater thermal control

Insulated glass – for greater thermal control



Best practice window planning principles will ensure you consider orientation, ventilation and glazing so that your home is designed for efficiency all year round.

The type and configuration of windows in your home play a key role in comfort and energy efficiency.

Standard single glazed windows are usually constructed with one glass pane that can range from 4mm to 8mm, and do not perform well when it comes to maintaining energy loss or storage.

A smarter solution is double glazing, or insulated glass.

Double glazed windows energy control diagram 

Double glazed windows are constructed with two individual panes of glass that are separated by a thin layer of air or a nontoxic gas such as argon gas that acts as an insulation barrier. The glass will usually have an added laminate film or can be UV tinted to further prevent the sun’s radiant heat passing through.

Choosing double glazing will come at a higher cost at the outset, however the thermal efficiency in your home’s windows can be improved by up to 40%1. Not to mention an overall reduction in electricity bills due to the use of less heating and air conditioning appliances. Double glazing is also a much cheaper solution to thermally broken frames.

If you want to bathe your space in natural light but still control the temperature within – take a closer look at the EnergyTech™ range.

Viridian EnergyTech™ has a transparent Low E (Low-Emissivity) coating applied using patented technology, to form a highly durable hard coating that is integrated onto the glass surface.

Specifically designed for Australian conditions, EnergyTech™ uses enhanced solar control to naturally keep buildings cooler in summer by reflecting the sun’s heat externally, and warmer in winter by reflecting heat back into the room. Not having to rely on electrical appliances to maintain the temperature in your home helps reduce wasteful energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Toughenable - EnergyTech™ products can be toughened to be five times stronger than ordinary glass.
  • Year-round Comfort - EnergyTech™ provides a higher rating of insulation and enhanced solar control levels to keep your space comfortable across all seasons.
  • Energy Efficiency - can keep the temperature of your room controlled, lowering your energy consumption and reducing the need for additional heating and cooling.
  • Illuminate Your Space - the low visible light reflectivity of EnergyTech™ allows natural light to flood into the room, making your space lighter and brighter.
  • EnergyTech™ comes with Viridian’s 10 year warranty which includes an extra processing warranty.
  • Available in a variety of tones to achieve different glass performance measures: Clear, Green or Grey.


Is it possible to have a home that is naturally well-lit and ventilated, and makes the most of the local climate to maintain a consistent temperature all year round? Yes! Read our guide to designing a home with passive solar principles. 

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