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Kyal and Kara Episode 6: Level Up - Wideline

Kyal and Kara Episode 6 – Level Up


On episode 6 of Toowoon Bay Reno, the upstairs of Kyal and Kara’s house is nearing completion. Kara can’t wait to have a finished room, an oven and a shower with privacy! The gyprocking is finishing up, so the floor can go down and they can finally install the kitchen and move upstairs.

Wide timber flooring has been selected for a seamless look, but the floor in this old house is incredibly uneven and will need to be levelled prior to the floorboards being installed. Kyal got the experts in to use the floor leveller as it was such a large area that needed to be done.

Because the days have been so busy, a lot of the painting has been happening at night. Kyal and Kara have been taping and prepping and helping where they can and then left the painters to do what they do best.

The kitchen design is changing from a U-shape, to have an island bench. This will open up the kitchen. The island bench will be centred below the skylights, and the kitchen sink will be centred under the window. The nearby sunroom is being split in half to create a butler’s pantry by the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinetry has arrived and Kara has chosen a deep turquoise kitchen! She had a moment of wondering if she had made the right decision. The kitchen is a great example of sleeping on something and giving it a little bit of time before making a decision.

In the next episode of Toowoon Bay Reno, all of the upstairs will be revealed. We can’t wait!

Watch episode 6 - Level Up below:


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