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Kyal & Kara Episode 3 – Framing up!

Kyal and Kara - Episode 3 Framing up!


The scaffolding is up, so work on the exterior of the house is under way! All the windows will be replaced while it's up. Kyal and Kara previously visited us in the Wideline showroom and had fun choosing their windows and doors.

As the Toowoon Bay Reno is to have a classic beach house look, they chose our Paragon casement windows for the front facade of their home. Casement windows are hinged at the side, and swing outward. They give a fixed pane look with the benefits of airflow. They’re an elegant solution and perfect for the classic coastal feel that Kyal and Kara want to achieve. For the rest of the house they chose a mix of our award winning Halo™ flashing for the light-weight cladded areas, and Horizon residential range of windows and sliding doorsKyal and Kara have selected white frames for their windows to create contrast against the dark coloured exterior of the house.

The roof is going to be extended over the upstairs decking, so the roof over the deck has been cut out and the existing concrete roof tiles were stripped.  New beams are put in over the windows. Without a roof, they have to get a move on!

In the backyard the studio is going up fast! The flooring for the studio has been laid out and the wall and roof frames have gone up quickly, as they arrived as ready built frames.

The upstairs bathroom has been water-proofed  and it is ready to be tiled. We’re looking forward to seeing the feature window put in above the bath!

Catch up now as Episode 4 is released this week!

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