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Let there be light with Kyal and Kara - Wideline

Toowoon Bay Reno Episode 5 - Let there be light


In episode 5 of Toowoon Bay Reno we see Kyal and Kara’s house and studio get light and bright with windows and skylights installed!

It’s great to see Halo Aquashield™, our award winning integrated window flashing system for lightweight construction installed in the studio in record time! Now that the studio is finally at lock up point with the roof on, the studio cladded, windows installed, and the deck down - it’s time for Kyal and Kara to focus back on the upstairs of the main house. They are still living downstairs in the construction zone, and are keen to move upstairs and have a real bathroom!

With the exterior work finished, the scaffolding is pulled down, so we get to see the house revealed which is pretty exciting! The front façade is really taking shape now, as everything is moving from construction site to a nearly completed home!

The old upstairs decking is replaced with beautiful Blackbutt timber and the garage frames go up. Having the garage will be a huge asset to completing the rest of the house as there will be a place to store materials out of the weather – and it won’t have to be inside the house.

As the upstairs of the house is taking shape, the fun of choosing what furniture will go inside is beginning! We look forward to seeing Kyal and Kara’s final choices in the episodes to come.


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