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Our favourite renovation of 2016 - Wideline

Our favourite renovation of 2016

Before we dive into the projects of 2017 let’s take a closer look at our favourite renovation of 2016 – Kyal and Kara’s ‘Toowoon Bay Reno’.

Why is it our favourite renovation? Toowoon Bay Reno is a well-planned and executed home renovation that reveals how a good renovation can make you fall in love with a tired home all over again.Kyal and Kara have crafted a timeless style that will maintain its appeal for years to come, so unlike trends that come and go, this is a home of sustainable substance.

All the windows and doors in this weary home were replaced with new products from Wideline’s Paragon architectural range or Horizon residential range. If you love Kyal and Kara’s look as much as we do, here are the Wideline window and door choices that helped transform their home into a beautiful beach house.

The Colour

Fitting with a beachside theme and Hamptons-like style, Kyal and Kara chose the colour Pearl White Gloss for all their windows and doors.

house entrance

The Doors

Double opening Paragon French doors with colonial bars

Paragon French doors make a great opening statement. With colonial bars, they give a classic and timeless feel to the home. French doors are a romantic way to connect the indoor and outdoor entertaining areas but can also be used as entryway doors.

hinged door


Horizon Sliding stacking doors

Sliding stacking doors are expansive fully screenable doors that connect the indoor and outdoor areas. Sliding stackers are the perfect entertaining door as they can open up large areas with light, airflow and access. Kyal and Kara installed Horizon sliding stacking doors in the living/ dining area of the studio and in the rumpus room of the main house.

Renovation Studio: Wideline Sliding Door


Horizon range sliding doors, with Halo Aquashield™ flashing

Wideline’s sliding doors are a practical solution for allowing access, ventilation, light and views. They are an economic door option that offer the practicalities of a door with all the advantages of a window. Kyal and Kara installed Horizon range sliding doors with Halo Aquashield™ integrated flashing, as it has been specifically designed for lightweight cladding. Want to know why? Read more about Halo here

Horizon sliding doors for the studio’s bedroom were used to connect the room to the outside deck.

Toowoon Bay Renovation Studio

The Windows

Paragon casement windows with transom

Casement windows are an aesthetically pleasing window that look especially beautiful when grouped together. Kyal and Kara grouped four Paragon Casement windows together with highlights. Casement windows are superb at capturing the breeze and directing it into the home. The sheltered location of these windows in Toowoon Bay Reno allows them to be opened even during wet weather.

four wideline casement windows in a bedroom


Horizon sliding windows with Halo Aquashield™ flashing

Sliding windows are one of the most popular window styles. They are also one of the most cost effective openable window solutions. Kyal and Kara installed Horizon range sliding windows with Halo Aquashield™ flashing in the bathrooms and the studio kitchen. Shutters help the windows to maintain privacy in these highly-trafficked areas.

Renovation Studio Kitchen by Kyal and Kara

Horizon Double Hung window with fixedlite

Double hung windows are great for bringing the cool breezes in whilst allowing hot air to escape through the top of the double opening of the double hung window.

Renovation Room with louvre windows

Kyal and Kara’s look uses a fixed window below the double hung to create a 3-panel appearance.

Horizon awning window

When placing an openable window over a kitchen sink, the most important factor to consider is how easy it is to open. An awning window with a winder is a good choice for this kitchen window.

a modern kitchen integrated with the living room


Horizon range sliding highlite windows with Halo Aquashield™ flashing

Highlite windows are great for bringing extra light into a room and creating an open, airy feel, even in a small space. The use of sliding windows as highlites allows these windows to be opened for airflow.

Kitchen Renovation by Kyal and Kara

The Screens

SecureLine™ security screen

Not all screens are the same. While it might look like Kyal and Kara have regular flyscreens installed on their sliding door, they are actually our SecureLine™ security screens.

SecureLine™ screens are an innovation by Wideline that allow you to keep your home safe and secure without obstructing your views. Kyal and Kara had SecureLine™ professionally installed by our team so that they can feel comfortable leaving their back door open for airflow. The beauty of the SecureLine™ screen is that you can’t really tell it is a security screen…see below!


great outdoor space outside the house


Safeline™ Fall Prevention screens

Kyal and Kara chose to install Wideline’s fall prevention safety screens on their upstairs openable windows. Safeline™ screens help prevent children from falling out of upstairs windows. The Safeline™ fall prevention screen meets the Australian Building Code Standards to allow your upstairs windows to open without restrictions.

The new Wideline windows and doors have helped transform Kyal and Kara’s renovation into a beach-side haven. If you would like Wideline to help with your home renovation or build, visit a showroom near you, or contact our friendly team at 1300 943 354.