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What makes a renovation a success? - Wideline

Secrets to a successful renovation


Throughout the Toowoon Bay Reno series, Kyal and Kara have transformed 6 bedrooms, 4 living rooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 laundries and 2 entertaining decks – all while they have a baby on the way! If you haven’t seen the final reveal episode, watch it here and if you haven’t seen the Toowoon Bay Reno series, the beginning is a very good place to start.

While Kyal and Kara have taken on a very large renovation (which even included a studio build), the impressive part is actually the quality of the result they have achieved. So what makes a renovation successful? Here are the key design elements that have transformed the old exterior of Toowoon Bay Reno into a beautiful beach-side home:

Replacing Brickwork

The coastal feel of the home was enhanced by replacing some of the upper brickwork with weatherboard.

a beautiful view of the deck

New windows and doors

New white Casement windows and French doors were installed to let in plenty of light, fresh sea air and give a classic look to the house facade.

Changing the pitch of the roof and adding gables

The pitch of the roof and the front deck were extended to incorporate a gable roof line and give the house dimension. This gives interest and more of an architectural look to the front of the house.

Setting a colour palate

The roof colour was one of the first colours chosen for the house, and set the tone and colour palette for the rest of the renovation.

a picture of the house

Adjusting the floor plan

The addition of a double garage at the front of the house adds privacy, practicality and value to the home. Moving the garage also allowed more space in the downstairs of the home. Since the garage is the first thing you see from the street, Kyal and Kara had a custom made barn style garage door built to add interest

Using existing elements

Where possible, Kyal and Kara made use of the existing resources, and added features that would improve them. In the photo below you can see the existing brick wall at the front of the property, and how it was enhanced with sandstone capping and a timber fence.

Kyal and Kara toowoon bay renovation exterior

Incorporating Outdoor entertaining

Kyal and Kara know that the prize of an Australian home is the outdoor living. They extended the north facing deck on the main house and created a tranquil deck space with easy indoor/outdoor connection for the backyard studio.

a comfy deck with a net to relax 

Keeping continuity in design and materials

Kyal and Kara kept continuity throughout the renovation. While different window styles were selected, the frames and finish style were consistent. Downstairs, the French pattern stone flooring leading from the outside path to the inside of the home gives sophistication through its continuity.

French Doors

Adding finishing touches

With the renovation at an end, we can see that the finishing touches make such a difference to the overall look and feel of the home. The renovated canvas of classic greys, whites and neutrals now has special touches, including plants, lighting features and accessories, which give Kyal and Kara’s space its own character.

Kyal and Kara’s secrets to a successful renovation

At the end of the day Kara says that “location was everything”. They bought the worst house in a great street within walking distance to shops and the beach. Once you’ve found the perfect property to renovate, it all comes down to planning ahead.

Kyal and Kara know that a renovation takes time and requires a lot of energy, so they planned a strategy to keep themselves motivated. They first focused their renovation efforts on the upstairs of the house, while they lived downstairs. This allowed them to move into a nicely renovated space with a brand new kitchen and bathroom while they finished the rest of the renovation. This strategy helped to keep their drive through the entire renovation. Kyal says that once you start to see changes taking place, you get motivated for the next change. This keeps up the momentum and you start to see results. So if you want to get that renovation done, the best thing you can do is get started!