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Swing in to Spring Cleaning - Wideline Windows and Doors

Swing in to Spring Cleaning


There’s nothing quite like the turn of Spring. Being able to open up your windows and doors for fresh warm air to enter your home after a cold winter is wonderful.

Cleaning your home in preparation for the warmer weather and wiping away the winter damp can be equally as refreshing when you know where to start. Here’s Five hot tips for a sparkling home this Spring.

5 Hot tips for a sparkling home this spring

1. Load up your Dishwasher – but not with dishes

Don’t overlook the convenience of this hard-working appliance. It can take on a host of things other than your dirty dishes, such as glass light-fixtures, plastic toys, toothbrush holders and so much more. Just make sure you choose a gentle cycle and skip the heated dry option to be on the safe side.

2. Wash your windows – on a cloudy day 

 Wait for an overcast day and start on the shady side of the house. Direct sun may dry the soapy cleanser before you can wipe it off, leaving streaks. Don’t forget to wipe down the Aluminium frame and sills too.
Hot Tip: Using vertical stokes on one side of the window and horizontal on the other allows you to spot which side of the window a streak is on if they appear.

3. Double up on doormats 

 Placing a course doormat on the outside of your front door then a finer one on the inside will help keep more dirt out of your home. The first one trapping larger clumps of dirt and the second soaking up more water and any finer dirt particles.

4. Are you fur-real? 

Removing pet hair can seem like a daunting task however simply put on a pair of slightly damp pair of rubber gloves and wipe over fabric furnishings and curtains. You will be amazed how quickly the fur is collected.

5. Degrease cabinets

Being enclosed for most of the winter with a reliance on the stove’s range hood can mean grime builds up on your kitchen cabinets. Find a cabinet cream or warm soapy water to wipe down the faces of the cupboards, don’t forget to open drawer and doors and wipe down the insides where spills can find their way in.

What are your favourite Spring cleaning tips?