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The Ultimate Window Guide To 2017 - Wideline

The Ultimate Window Guide To 2017


In our ultimate renovation guide to 2017 we looked at what Australian’s are building and renovating today to know what the home of 2017 will look like. Wideline’s close relationship with builders, architects and renovators mean that we see the plans for what’s about to be built! Let’s take a closer look at what’s popular in window and door designs for the coming year.

White is in

White is by far the #1 colour for windows being ordered in Australia at the moment. Followed by black and anodic silver. Many homes are using their aluminium windows as detailed highlights to the home, rather than blending them in to the exterior cladding.

Lee McBay, a Wideline Showroom Sales Executive says, “those sticking to a more traditional build use popular Colorbond® colours like Surfmist, Primrose and Dune with their windows, to match brick and roof colours”.

These are the most popular window and door colours for new builds:

  • White
  • Black
  • Monument
  • Precious Silver

These are the most popular window and door colours for replacement windows:

  • Anodic Silver
  • White
  • Surfmist
  • Primrose

Most popular window types?

Louvres, louvres, louvres says Ayden Randall, Wideline’s Product Specialist. “Louvre windows are being installed in all areas of the home. While they are aesthetically pleasing to look at, they offer the most impressive airflow of any window. When paired with obscure glass, they can control privacy while being able to open up the whole window area. What other window can do that?” he says. Ayden advises to use louvres in any room you want ventilation and airflow including bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, bedrooms, work spaces, hallways, or living areas. You are sure to enjoy the benefits louvre windows offer and their attractive features will add aesthetic value to your home.

Louvres popular windows

Upsize your windows

Glass technology allows windows of today to be larger, while still maintaining home comfort. Replacement windows do not have to be the same window type or size to the original windows. Designers and architects are grouping windows together to make feature custom windows. Feature windows give life to a room and can enhance the street appeal of the home. Our favourite examples we’ve seen recently of custom windows window replacement include four casement windows in a row with highlites and three awning windows down the wall and highlites, lowlites or sidelights being incorporated.

Wideline Fixed Window in a gorgeous Bedroom

Unique window placement

Take a leaf out of the finest architects and builders plans as we share some of their clever window placement.On current house plans, we are seeing long, skinny, fixed or awning windows placed high on the walls in bedrooms and kitchens. These provide light while ensuring privacy or hiding a poor view. 

Fixed windows as kitchen splashbacks have been popular in new home builds over for a few years now, and this doesn’t seem to be slowing down. A window splashback is an ideal way to incorporate natural light into your kitchen, so it is no wonder that this is continuing to be a kitchen feature for years. To add to the benefits the kitchen receives, incorporate awning or louvres windows with your splashback.

Wideline Louvres in Kitchen

The door connection

As the centre of the modern Australian household focuses around the entertaining areas, the house of tomorrow integrates the outside and inside living areas with high floor to ceiling windows and doors.

While the romance of bifold doors pique peoples interest, the most popular selling door for creating the indoor/outdoor connection is the sliding glass door. Sliding stacking doors are perfect at maximising the connection between the two entertaining areas and offer a great compromise between affordability and practicality.