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Toowoon Bay Reno Episode 4 - Wideline

Toowoon Bay Reno Episode 4


In episode 4 of Toowoon Bay Reno we see the exterior of Kyal and Kara’s house transform into a beautiful beach house with a new roof, new exterior colour and new windows.

Kyal and Kara decided to paint the exterior bricks directly, rather than rendering, so that they can retain texture on the façade. Most of the exterior needs to be painted before the new windows are installed. They've chosen a dark grey which contrasts nicely against the white Casement windows they've ordered from us! There was debate over the colour to paint though, when neighbours kept commenting how nice the colour was, not realising it was the undercoat!

The new roof is a priority as there is only a tarp over their heads while the old roof frame is straightened up. This timeworn house needs to be put back into place! With the new Colorbond roof installed we truly see how much the new gable over the front façade gives character to the house. What a difference it makes!

To break up the amount of brick on the front of the house, some of the upstairs is stripped back and replaced with weatherboard. The old windows were removed and the new windows were installed prior to cladding. Seeing the beautiful white casement windows in place with their thick frames and highlites starts to transform the house into the Hampton’s classic beach-style.

Once all this exterior work is complete, the scaffolding will be ready to come down. Then work can begin on the new garage.

We finally get to see the soft patterned grey tiles laid in the upstairs bathroom – which Kyal and Kara can’t wait to start using!

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