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Toowoon Bay Reno Episode 8 - Wideline

Toowoon Bay Reno episode 8 – Downstairs we go


On episode 8 of Toowoon Bay Reno, Kyal and Kara finally have the luxury of living in finished rooms. Kara is 6 months pregnant, so is appreciating more than ever to have a finished kitchen, bedroom, living area and sunny deck to enjoy. We love the way the finished deck ties the outside area with the inside space.

However the downstairs is still untouched. The bathrooms need to be stripped out and the old kitchen needs to be removed. The ceiling has been dropped which is exposing electrical issues. When you are renovating you don’t know what you are going to find until you start peeling back the layers of the house.

Out in the backyard, Kyal and Kara have made sure that the studio has been well insulated. Undercoat has been applied to all the walls and ceiling in the studio, before the flooring is laid. A warm wood tone has been selected for the studio floor, which is a variation on the colour chosen for the main house.

Kyal and Kara are planning ahead, and want to make sure that a finished product is presented at the end, so landscaping has begun and the driveway concrete is laid. They’ve chosen a driveway finish with a pebble like look.

The front fence is going to match the handrail design on the balcony, with the added touch of sandstone. Kyal and Kara take a trip out to the quarry to select their sandstone for the front fence. The result will be a white picket fence on top of the brickwork with sandstone features.

Kyal and Kara have something special planned with their garage door. They’ve had a custom made panel lift barn door designed. We get to see it installed and the anticipation of seeing their plan come together.

Kyal and Kara are addicted to the transformation process, and are already talking about the possibility of the next renovation!

Watch episode 8 of Kyal and Kara’s Toowoon Bay Reno below…

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