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What Does a Window Really Cost? - Wideline

What does a window really cost?


Customers often ask for a quick price over the phone for a new timber or aluminium windows or want to know the price difference between a few different window types. These seem like completely reasonable questions to ask however there are so many individual factors that determine the cost of a window or door that this often is a far more challenging task that would first appear. Wideline manufacture all windows and doors to order, which means that every window will vary as production processes, labour time, and materials all need to be factored in.

Here are just some of the things that determine the cost of a window:

  • Window range (residential, commercial or semi-commercial)
  • Window type (awning, sliding, double hung, sashless, louvre, casement, fixed window)
  • Window material (Aluminium, Cedar, Merbau, Meranti)
  • House exterior (cladding, brick veneer or double brick)
  • Frame finish (standard colour, custom colour, pre-treated timber or raw timber)
  • Size of the window
  • Glazing (glass type, size and thickness)
  • Hardware (stainless steel, heavy duty rollers, handle types, winders)
  • Fall prevention requirements (restrictors or fall prevention screens)
  • Security screens
  • BAL ratings
  • BASIX requirements

Why we can’t guesstimate the price of your windows

Because there are so many factors that affect the cost of your window, it makes it impossible to estimate your window and door costs on the spot without all the necessary information. What’s more, each of these factors can alter the cost significantly. That’s why we require certain information about your window, to then provide you with a quote.

How Wideline price your windows

It’s important to understand that all the factors above influence the cost of your windows. Wideline input all this information into our computerised quoting tool. Wideline’s quoting tool analyses this data to accurately price each window and door to your specific requirements. Without knowing all the essential information and inputting it to our quoting tool, predicting the price for your window would be more like a stab in the dark than an educated guess.

Installation costs

Remember that installation costs are separate to window manufacturing costs. Wideline are a supply-only manufacturer of windows and doors so you will require a builder to install your windows. A builder can measure your windows to then quote for the windows and installation costs together. If you’d prefer to get a window and door quote directly from us, your builder will provide you with a quote for install only. Wideline always recommends that an experienced builder who is familiar with our products measures, orders and installs your windows. This improves your chance of a hassle free experience. It also reduces the chance of an error in your order. 

Reducing the costs of your windows

If your window quote is more than what you can budget for, speak to your Wideline representative. They can walk you through the factors that determine the cost of a window and door and suggest ways that can reduce the overall cost for you. It might be as simple as opting for a different window or door type or swapping the product range of some of your windows.

Want to know the cost of your windows? Speak to a window expert today on 1300 943 354, submit an online quote enquiry, or take a closer look at a Wideline showroom near you.