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The Difference Between: Safety Screen and Security Screen

What’s the difference between a safety screen and security screen?


If you’re installing screens on your doors and windows, take the opportunity to compare the screen options available. Gone are the days when you have to compromise your view and open feeling to have security on your doors and windows. Before you add screens to your windows and doors, find out the different screen solutions Wideline offer, you might find that your home could benefit from a screen you had not yet considered. Here’s information to help you choose between screen types, and ensure you get the level of protection for your home that you want.

What is a Safety Screen?

A Safety Screen offers some protection from intruders, while letting the breeze in and keeping the bugs out. A safety screen with aluminium diamond grilles can look like a security screen door, but really it is only a visual deterrent to stop an intruder  from easily entering your home. While they do act as a deterrent, with enough time and the right equipment, safety screen doors are penetrable.

Another type of safety screen Wideline offer is a fall prevention screen, which serves to prevent young children from falling out of windows. A fall prevention safety screen is invaluable for second story rooms as it allows the windows to open and operate as they were intended without restriction. While safer from the inside, this type of safety screen does not perform as a method of security for preventing intruders from entering the home.

What is a Security Screen?

A security screen offers the same benefits of a safety screen however are specifically engineered to keep intruders out. Everything about the screen is designed with security in mind, from the stainless steel construction, the installation process, to the frame, hinges and locking system. A true security screen must have passed the Australian Standards for Security Screens.

What kind of security do you want?

Regular fly screens offer no protection other than keeping bugs out, so your windows are vulnerable areas - especially when they are left open! A safety screen on your door only slightly increases the protection of your home. If you want to keep your family and belongings safe from intruders, you’ll want more than just a visual deterrent. A security screen is the only way to properly protect your entryways from intruders. If you chose our SecureLine™ security screen, you get proven security, but it’s much like looking through a fly screen!

Compare Wideline’s safety and security screen solutions below:

Types of Screen - Comparison

Image: SecureLine™ Security Screen by Wideline