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What Your Front Door Reveals About You? - Wideline

What your front door reveals about you


They may seem mundane to many and yet they can really set the tone for what to expect once you step through them. Whether bright and bold or subtle and subdued, your front door is a statement and an important one at that. After all, it’s the first thing guests see before you even open the door. Talk about your first impressions! There are various ways of making that first impression, particularly using colour. Colours are more than just visual elements, they have an influence on our thinking and even on our mood and emotions too.

Maybe you’re devoted to the classics, with a glossy black door or you prefer to make a bold statement with a sunny yellow. Whatever it is, when it comes to front doors, there are endless options and you may be surprised at what your front door says about you.

Take a closer look at the graphic below, does your door colour accurately reflect you?

What emotion do your door evoke?

Image courtesy of Build Direct


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