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Why Can’t I Open My Windows? - Wideline Windows & Doors

Why can’t I open my windows?


We often receive calls from people asking why they can’t open their windows. The reason that many upstairs windows are restricted from being able to open fully is that the National Construction Code specifies requirements for preventing risk of falls from openable windows. These requirements are in place to limit the risk of a person falling through a window causing injury or death.

By law, Wideline must restrict the opening of windows where:

  1. The potential fall is four metres or more
  2. The windows are used in bedrooms of Class 1,2,3 and 4 buildings and any room of Child Care Centres where the potential fall is two meters or more.

These window restrictions only allow the window to open 100mm, and not any more.

How can I open my windows?

The good news is it is possible to have openable windows in these areas of your home, if these windows are provided with protection. Wideline has developed the protection that allows your windows to operate without restrictions, in SafeLine™ fall prevention screens. SafeLine® screens allow your family to have fresh air and peace of mind. If you want your windows to be protected, install fall protection screens on all windows that are affected by the Construction Codes requirements. SafeLine™ screens are independently tested and meet the requirements required by the National Construction code to resist 25kg of outward force.

Will it keep my family safer?

SafeLine™ screens ensure your home complies with the current Building Codes and gives you peace of mind that with them correctly installed, your family is much safer than with regular fly screen. SafeLine®screens are great for keeping all family members inside – even pets!

So if you want to open your windows but keep everyone inside, SafeLine™ fall prevention screens are the best way to allow your windows to open without restrictions.

Can I get SafeLine screens retrofitted?

If you didn’t install SafeLine™ screens with your Wideline window order, you can have them retrofitted. Retrofitting is possible with most Wideline aluminium window products that can be screened. If you want to upgrade your screens give us a call on 1300 943 354 or visit a Wideline showroom.

Are there any other options?

If you would like to take your families safety to the next level, take a closer look at SecureLine® security screens. While preventing falls from windows, they also prevent intruders getting in through your windows. SecureLine™ security screens are great at keeping your home safer without obstructing views. They can be installed on both the downstairs and upstairs of homes, increasing the security of your entire home.