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Why Spending Less Doesn’t Always Leave You With More? - Wideline

Why spending less doesn’t always leave you with more


When renovating it’s very easy to be tempted to cut costs, but keep in mind that features that increase comfort, reduce energy bills over time and improve resale value, can be worth paying a bit more for. When looking at the cost of a renovation, budget for the long term by factoring in long-term savings and improved resale value into your renovation decisions.

A little for a lot more

Much of the time the expense required for a long-term gain is only minimal on top of the base outlay. For example, if you are replacing your windows, the cost to upgrade to glass that offers improved insulative benefits, will be a fraction on top of the cost for replacing the window. Items that are long-term additions to your home or require a substantial investment are worth considering from more merit than simply the cost associated.

Improve your home’s performance

Energy savings that can be incorporated into your renovation have the advantage of saving you heating and cooling costs over time and giving you greater control over your home’s environment. This is a long-term gain for an initial outlay.

How do you put a price on home comfort or reduced environmental impact?

When making decisions weigh up the increased outlay now to the long-term advantages you will have.

Opt for quality

While it’s always tempting to go for the lowest price, you need to consider the implications of doing so. Don’t jeopardise the quality of your renovation by compromising on the quality of products, materials or installation. As they say, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Use products that offer the right combination of performance, durability and aesthetics. Be aware that cutting costs can also cut your result, and over the long term, may cost you more.

Long term thinking

When making improvements on your home, consider the long-term effects your decisions will make. Your windows and doors will be a part of your home for a very long time, and will play pivotal roles in keeping your home insulated, ventilated, and lit. They will also impact on the architectural expression of your home. Consider the hardware that will furnish your windows and doors. You may want to upgrade to match the handles to the frame colour. Selecting better performing glass will have a huge impact to insulating your home, particularly if you have large areas with glass.

Upgrades to consider when purchasing new windows and doors:

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