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Window and Door Selection Made Easy - Wideline

Window and Door Selection Made Easy


A lot has been written about the science behind choosing the right windows and doors for your home, but when it comes down to it it’s a very personal choice. So let’s take a closer look behind the curtain to reveal some of the considerations that can transform a house into a home. 

Take for example the humble bathroom window. People have traditionally positioned small frosted windows high on their bathroom walls for privacy. Now the latest trend is toward larger clear windows, for people who have the luxury of a private aspect there’s nothing better than soaking in a tub with a view.

Three Birds Renovations master bath bi-fold windows

↑ IMAGE: Deep soak bathtub alongside bi-fold windows. Three Birds Renovations

Fixed Windows with Lumina Cloud privacy glass

↑ IMAGE: Raised platform bathtub alongside fixed windows with Lumina Cloud privacy glass.

Of course, you still need to consider practicalities like orientation, energy efficiency and placement, but for windows and doors that spark joy, you should think seriously about your space and how you want to use it.

Here are a few thought starters.

Celestory windows draw in natural light and maintain privacy

Your living/family room is probably one of the biggest rooms in your house and just perfect for larger windows, but that’s only if there's something to look at. I mean, who wants to gaze out onto a busy main road or have a neighbour be able to see right into your family space?

This is where rake window or highlight windows, also known as celestory windows, are well suited as they are positioned at the top of a wall above eye level. This gives you the best of both worlds – maintains your privacy and invites plenty of natural light in to keep the room feeling bright and airy, not to mention more spacious as the room will feel taller.

Fortunately, many family/living rooms have a view out to a deck or garden area. Opening up your space with beautiful bi-folds or stacker doors can bring in the outdoors and make your home seem larger than it is.

Bi-fold Doors are an entertainer's dream

Ask yourself “Are you a big entertainer?” If the answer is yes, go for bi-folds, they are real party doors. They open right up and accommodate a crowd. The Wideline Paragon Range offers the choice of fully floating or a combination of floating, folding or hinged entry doors. You can even put an S1E retractable fly screen/shade blind across it. There’s nothing like sitting inside in the cool of the evening with the doors open and the screen across, enjoying your garden, without the nasty bugs.

If you just want to enjoy the view and entertain once a year, stackers may be a better choice. They are cheaper and easier to open and close regularly. 

If you have a separate dining room, you may want to take a different approach all together. If you only use your dining room at night you may not need a large window to look through when it's dark? You could use a series of smaller windows to break up the space rather than one large window. You could also consider featuring an artwork, a fireplace, or furniture to create visual interest.

Formal Dining double hung windows

IMAGE: Large formal dining room with double-hung windows at either end to counter balance the fireplace. Three Birds Renovations.


Is the kitchen the heart of the home for you? These days we are spending more time in the kitchen, encouraged by a raft of celebrity chefs.

When you’re preparing lots of ingredients you don’t want the light behind you casting a shadow on your workspace. Consider positioning your counters and windows so that natural light falls in front of you directly on countertops.

Louvre kitchen windows bring light and ventilation

Whilst a kitchen is suited to most styles of windows, double-hung windows over your sink may be difficult to open and close, as you may have to stretch over the sink or counter to reach them. Awnings, casement, fixed, sliding windows or louvres (as seen in the above image) may be a better choice.

If you enjoy entertaining, you could create a stylish bi-fold servery window. These windows open along your kitchen bench, creating a seamless flow between your kitchen and your outdoor entertaining area.


highlight windows in the master bedroom

IMAGE: This master bedroom features highlight rake window, 90 degree corner join window and awning window to catch the breeze.

Most of us only use our bedrooms at night, but if you have kids, you’ll know they tend to spend a fair bit more time in their rooms.

Bedroom windows are all about comfort. They should provide you with sufficient light, airflow and privacy. If you work night shifts and need to sleep during the day, you may consider windows with high performance acoustic glass to minimise sounds from outside.

Casement windows in Kyal & Kara's master bedroom at Toowoon Bay

Casement windows are perfect for bedrooms. They swing outwards from the side providing plenty of ventilation, whilst awning windows are hinged from the top and can stay open even in light rain.

Tall double hung windows can have upper and lower sashes that open for greater airflow.

Double hung windows in the master bedroom

If a lot of reading or desk work or is done in the bedroom, consider from which side you want the natural light to come: Light from the left is best for right-handed people and vice versa for left-handers.

Thinking about how you use the spaces in your home before you decide on windows and doors can help save money and give you more satisfaction in the long run.

Ultimately your choice may simply come down to a balance of practicality versus aesthetics. Are you more concerned about what your windows and doors look like, or how easy they are to use?

Sliding Windows in the master bedroom

By the way if ease of cleaning and function is important to you then sliding windows may be your best bet.

After you’ve done enough thinking, you should talk to one of our consultants. They can look at your plans and help you determine which size and style of windows and doors are best for your lifestyle. You may be surprised by their advice. They’ll take you through the practicalities. You can lean on their years of experience, to help you make the right decision.

Get in touch. Call 1300 943 354 or visit a Wideline Showroom near you.