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Window Cleaning Do's & Don'ts: Everything You Need To Know!

Window cleaning do's and don'ts


Become a window cleaning expert by following these window cleaning tips. They’ll make the job easier and keep your windows in good shape!




  • Clean the window frames as often as you clean the glass.
  • Place a towel under the window to catch water when cleaning the inside of the window.
  • Clean your windows on a cloudy day.
  • Open and close windows and check for any maintenance needed.
  • Clean the window sills.
  • Clean the screens when cleaning your windows.
  • Clean your windows after cleaning the other areas of the house.


  • Use harsh chemicals or abrasive cloths to clean your window glass or frames.
  • Use newspaper to clean windows.
  • Clean windows in direct sunlight.
  • Use a squeegee on the inside of windows with Viridian ComfortPLUS glass as it has a special film on the inside of the glass.
  • Use metallic objects on the Viridian ComfortPLUS glass surface.
  • Rely on rain, especially if you live near the coast as the salt on your windows will make the dirt stick.