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Are your windows safe? - Wideline

Window safety laws and fall prevention screens


Have you thought about how safe your children are while they are playing in their bedroom upstairs? It’s easy for a child to climb up to their window. The good news is that death and injury from window falls are preventable.

To reduce the risk of falling from windows, the Building Code of Australia has implemented window regulations. All openable windows, where the floor level below the window is two metres or more above the surface level outside, must be fitted with window fall prevention safety devices or a barrier screen.

As young children are most at risk, window barriers are aimed at preventing children from accidently falling out of windows. A standard fly screen is not strong enough to prevent a child from falling out a window. Windows need to be fitted with either a device to restrict the windows opening, or a suitable barrier screen. Devices like guards, latches and locks stop the window from opening more than 12.5cm to comply. Fortunately, Wideline has designed a sensible option. If you want your windows to look and function as they were designed to do, with easy opening and allowing airflow, your best option is to have window safety screens installed.

Our SafeLine™ fall prevention safety screen has been designed with your family’s safety in mind. SafeLine® screens allow openable windows without risking the safety of your family. The SafeLine™ window screen has a robust aluminium frame and resilient mesh to give maximum strength and durability. SafeLine™meets all the requirements of the Building Code Australia and has been independently tested by the Australian Window Association.

What are the window safety laws?

  • The laws apply to openable windows more than 2 meters above the outside surface level and within a child’s reach (less than 1.7 meters above the inside floor).
  • Owners corporations in NSW and all strata buildings must have window safety devices installed on all above ground floor windows by 13 March 2018.
  • Bars or grills on above ground windows cannot have gaps bigger than 12.5cm to comply with these requirements. 
  • There are no laws that require window openings in older buildings to meet current building standards. However, you might want to secure your family’s safety by installing fall prevention screens, and bring the safety of your home up to national standards.

Window fall prevention for your home

Falls occur more often in the warmer months when windows and doors to balconies are left open during the day and at night.

To prevent children from falling out of windows, we recommend that:

  • All windows above the ground floor are fitted with SafeLine™ fall prevention screens.
  • Beds and other furniture are placed away from windows.
  • You don’t rely on standard fly screens for fall prevention.
  • Children are always supervised.
  • Children are taught to play away from windows (this is in the windows’ best interest too!)

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