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You Won’t Recognise This Kitchen After Its Renovation! - Wideline

You won’t recognise this kitchen after its renovation!


If we asked you to start planning your kitchen renovation, what would you think about? The benchtop you’d choose and the colour of your dream cabinets? But have you considered how your outlook to the world can be changed with your kitchen window choice?

When updating a space, it’s amazing what a change a window can make. The window type, size or placement can transform a room. In this real reno, the kitchen was updated to a modern open-plan layout. Wait till you see what a difference a Wideline window can make!

Here’s the kitchen before the renovation:

a comfy kitchen

Dark and dull.

kitchen before the renovation


Now here’s the kitchen after renovations…

A modern kitchen


Light, bright and inviting!

What a difference the new Wideline window makes to the room! Removing the wall that closed off the kitchen allows the whole area to enjoy the light and view from the new kitchen window.

Clever planning in this kitchen ensured they made the most of the available space. The change in layout with the kitchen’s back wall removed, allowed enough room for a large island bench. The old sliding window was replaced with a longer, slimmer, glass fixed window, that allows room for overhead cupboards - giving extra storage space. Although the windows height is less than the original window, the expanded window length brings in more light along the benchtop.

a beautiful kitchen


A Wideline glass window splashback is a great choice for a kitchen as it offers the following benefits:

  • Allows light into the kitchen
  • Lights up the bench top
  • Increases storage space, with room for cupboards or shelving above
  • Toughened glass is hard-wearing and easy to clean
  • It maximises use of wall space in the kitchen
  • Can be used safely behind wet areas and stove tops

If you’d also like ventilation, openable windows can be combined with a fixed kitchen window. Awning windows or louvre windows are the best windows to combine with a fixed glass kitchen window. Speak to one of our friendly showroom staff today about transforming your kitchen with a new window.

So, when you tackle your next renovation, always consider the impact a window can make. A window can brighten the space, ventilate the area and be the feature of the room!