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Aluminium bi-fold door sizes

Wideline's aluminium bi-fold doors are available in the following standard sizes in our Horizon residential range. Bi-fold doors are also available in custom configurations in our Paragon range. Bi-fold door configurations with even numbers of panels on each side (examples are shown below with a *) do not have an access door, hence have internal access only.

Aluminum bi-fold doors plan

Bi-fold door information

  • Stud opening size shown applies to frames fitted with reveals for brick veneer applications.
  • Panels will be sent separately. Wideline Service Division will install panels after frames are installed by your qualified builder.
  • Bi-fold doors rate to a maximum BAL-40 rating.
  • Maximum frame width: 6000mm
  • Standard frame height: 2095mm
  • Maximum frame height: 2400mm @700pa (N2)
  • Maximum leaf width: 900mm
  • Maximum leaf weight: 45kg
  • Outer frame section size: 100mm



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