We knew we were after bi-folds that were neat, tidy and clean. I did some research online, but I really needed to see the product so I went to several different door company showrooms, including Wideline Rosebery. Another window company had a retractable screen with pleats and the middle lines were too distinct. We know someone with the other company’s pleat screens and the tracks are so deep that bugs get in underneath. It was Wideline’s retractable screen that was the clincher. Thomas at Rosebery spent a good half hour talking with us. We’d spend a bit on trying to update our home, as modern as you can get with a 35 year old house, and even though the screens were almost as much as the bi-fold doors we knew we had to do this renovation properly. We chose Monument colour to go with our red brick. From showroom to the guys, particularly Andrew who installed, I can’t fault them. The communication was brilliant at every level. We are absolutely wrapped and love them! It's amazing that you can hardly see the screen when it's open! We have friends who have seen them in our home and are off to look at the product now.