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Windows and doors are integral parts of your home and have a profound effect on the look and feel they create. There is plenty to consider when selecting your windows and doors, style, energy efficiency, aspect of the house, lifestyle, bushfire zones and the list goes on. Thankfully Wideline Info Centre has all the information you need to make the right choice when selecting your windows and doors.

Check out our handy window planning section for more information on choosing your product, ventilation, the importance of your view, appearance, privacy, heat loss and gain and design. The Technical area has all the information you need on energy efficiency, bushfire rating, acoustics, water ratings and warranty and maintenance tips. 

You will also find further info on Wideline’s recent innovations as well as timber sustainability and FAQ’s. If you are still left with questions, speak to one of our friendly staff through our Instant Chat feature or send us your question through our contact us page or call 1300 943 354 to speak to our friendly staff.




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