We all know that being in business for yourself is not easy. For the most part, it’s damn hard... So why go it alone?

Wideline understands that there’s a lot more to your business than simply assembling windows and doors. We have over forty years’ design and manufacturing experience in the industry and we aim to provide you with all the advantages this experience has to offer.

Wideline is one of the best known and trusted window and door brands in Australia. We are proud of our 40+ year Australian heritage and reputation for producing architectural products of the highest standard.

Advanced technology, innovation and beauty, these are the hallmarks of the Wideline range of windows and doors.

We are committed to making your business a success and provide training and advice on a wide range of areas such as;

  • Tooling– design, development and supply,
  • Software – training, advice, production paperwork,
  • Sales/marketing - advice and assistance,
  • Developing production systems and process improvement,
  • Factory design, layouts and improving production flow,
  • Inventory management,
  • Workplace Health & Safety,
  • Technical Information, and
  • Financials

Wideline believe in the value of long-term business relationships and consider our Licensee’s as ‘partners for life’. When you partner with Wideline you partner with a brand that has become one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised window and door companies in Australia. You partner with a dedicated team ready to provide you with support in sales, marketing, product research and development and manufacturing excellence. Our dedicated team is committed to your continued success.

Request a Licensee Information Guide or why not give us a call to discuss any aspect of our business, or how we can assist you with your business.



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