Natura Bi-fold Doors

Our Natura range of timber bi-fold doors provide a stylish and practical addition to your home, allowing for wide expanses and seamless indoor/outdoor living. 

Providing a Seamless Flow between Spaces

The Natura timber bi-fold door opens up opportunities for seamless, free-flowing spaces inside and out. The concertina design allows you to completely open up a space so you can increase liveability and make full use of your outside areas.

Gain Natural Light

Thanks to the frame design, our Natura timber bi-fold doors allow expansive, natural light into your home which can save on electricity bills from lighting and heating the room. Add in double glazing and your bi-fold door will help you to improve your household energy efficiency in a variety of ways.

Increase Ventilation

The beauty of bi-fold doors is that you can open them as much or as little as you like. Let in a little breeze by opening the door just a fraction and you’ll instantly make a room feel fresher or fold away the door completely to bring the outside in on sunny days.

Easy Operation

Our Natura bi-fold doors operate on a track and carriage system for ease of operation. Even with panel widths up to 900mm, the heavy glass panels will be easy to open and close with little effort.

Internal Dividers

Bi-fold doors are often used to divide a large living area into two to allow for and adapt to different usages. In the winter months, separating off an area can assist with heating your home and then by simply folding back the door, you gain extra space for entertaining.

Stylish Design

Bi-fold timber doors look great in your home or office space and are available in three different timber species so you can design a door to complement your interior or exterior design. The Natura range of bi-folds come in either Western Red Cedar, Meranti or Merbau options, of which are sustainably-sourced and GreenTag certified.

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