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Selecting Doors

Need help choosing the right door for your home? The purpose of the door will provide important clues to the door type that is ideal for your home. Each home is different, and so are the needs of those who reside there. The following is a guide to help you choose which door is best for your situation. Remember that these are only suggestions to assist with your decision making process, there are no rules!

Best formal entry doors

Hinged or French doors are best for more formal spaces. These entry door types can be with a single entry door or, for even more effect, as double entry doors. Hinged doors will take up floor space, so keep in mind they could affect furniture placement and how the room functions. A classic French door is an elegant architectural feature that connects the inside and outside in a stately way. For formal entryways we recommend:

Doors perfect for entertaining

The line between indoor and outdoor entertaining is blurring with modern builds and renovations. To achieve this, choose a design that has a wide doorway to provide access and connection to your outdoor living space. The sliding glass door is the most universal entertaining door as it can be used on modern and traditional homes. To open up even more space, look to a sliding stacker door or a bi-fold door. Since vast areas of glass are a major component of these doors, you'll want to select the right type of glass with the most benefits and efficiency. Best entertaining doors are:

Best balcony doors

Glass doors make for great balcony doors as they let in light and help to capture views. If you have a compact balcony space, look to a sliding door variety. Bi-fold doors allow for the biggest opening, however keep in mind they do need a larger space to fold the doors in to. If balcony space is at a premium however you have the luxury of a large opening out to your balcony, you may wish to consider a sliding stacker door instead. For a balcony door you may wish to consider the following:

Best doors for traditional houses

Traditional homes need doors with timeless charm, while creating an impressive entry and exit experience. Our Natura timber range is especially good at bringing the feeling of warmth and tradition into the home. Traditional doors can be further enhanced with decorative bars, overhead transoms and sidelights. The following doors are suited for the finest classical homes:

Best door styles for modern homes

Modern homes benefit from large areas of glass and architectural flair from custom windows and doors. Glass sliding stacking doors fit a contemporary aesthetic, with the sliding operation and the staggered panes giving a modern look. An important design consideration is the widths of the frames. A more robust house design might call for the strong lines of our Paragon architectural range of aluminium doors. Both timber and aluminium works well in modern homes, so chose the one that compliments the other materials in your home. Here’s the best doors for modern homes:

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