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    Selecting windows and doors: A guide to get you started

    There are a number of considerations and steps to take when selecting windows and doors for your renovation or build. Here are 8 steps to guide you through the process of choosing and purchasing new windows and doors for your home – it’s a breeze!

    1. Assess your building

    2. Choose the right window and door style

    3. Choose your materials - timber and aluminium

    4. Select from our product ranges

    5. Glass and glazing options

    6. Colour choices and hardware options

    7. Get a quote and ordering

    8. Installation

    1. Assessing your Building

    Are you replacing windows in a renovation?

    If you are replacing windows, you can either have the same window type and size installed, or look at other window styles or door options. If you have been considering making your window or door opening bigger now is the perfect time to do so.

    Are you building new?

    Be aware that the size and placement of windows in new buildings will be affected by the Australian building code requirements. There are plenty of options available to ensure your windows and doors comply with the code. Feel free to speak to the friendly team at Wideline who can answer your specific questions on building code requirements for windows and doors.

    Are you wanting to improve your buildings function or performance?

    Consider the effect the right window and door choices can have on energy efficiency, ventilation, light, view, privacy, safety, reduced acoustics or access in your home. It is important to put thought to the direction the rooms in your property face and what they will be used for. Finding the right window and door placement can significantly improve the comfort of your home. For more detailed information on this visit the window planning section of our website.

    Have you checked the regulations in place?

    Windows and doors need to comply with Australian regulations and building codes. New homes have thermal requirements they must meet. Window restrictions are required to prevent children from falling out of high windows. If you are in a bush fire prone area, there are window and door requirement for bushfire zones. If your house is located in a transport corridor, it must comply with minimum acoustic requirements.

    Do you need to engage a builder, designer or architect to assist with your project?

    • If you have a house plan or measurements for your windows and doors, you can get a quote and order them directly with us. We will supply the products and you or your builder can install them.
    • If you haven’t got the measurements, you will need to have your windows and doors accurately measured by a builder in order to get a quote and order your windows. All our windows are made to order.
    • If it is a larger project, you may even want the assistance of a builder, designer or architect to plan and coordinate the activities.

    • 2. Choosing the right window and door styles

      Consider how the window and door choice will affect the architectural appearance of your home and the internal look of the room.

      • Look at the sizes and arrangements of the windows in your home. By strategically placing your windows in configurations you can make a simple room have a stand out feature.
      • For windows, think about the views outside and which window style will best capture them.
      • Take into account the window planning considerations of ventilation, light, privacy, heat loss and gain, and design aesthetics.
      • Since our windows are custom made, you can get creative with window styles and sizes to make a feature in any room you wish.
      • Large windows and doors can help open up a room and make it feel bigger.
      • For doors, consider the areas they will open up, and how this will assist your indoor-outdoor flow.
      • Gather inspiration online and browse sites like Pinterest to help you decide on the right style for you and visit our inspiration gallery.

      3. Choosing your materials: timber & aluminium

      It is no longer a question of timber OR aluminium. Many houses now use a mix of materials depending on the look and feel they want to achieve in each room. The main points to consider when choosing between timber and aluminium are the maintenance, look and material qualities.


      • Timber requires more maintenance than aluminium. Using quality finishes can reduce the frequency in which the timber products need re-coating.
      • The natural warmth of timber can complement the internal design and external finishes of your property.
      • Timber has improved energy efficiency qualities to aluminium.
      • Our timber products come primed or pre-coated in a natural finish.


      • Aluminium requires very little maintenance depending on the geographical location.
      • Aluminium is powder coated in the colour of your choice with no requirement to do anything further to finish it.
      • Aluminium achieves a higher BAL rating for bushfire zones.

      4. Selecting from our product ranges

      Wideline Windows & Doors aluminium range

      We have designed our Horizon, Ascend and Paragon aluminium ranges so they can be used alongside each other and maintain consistent style. So just as you can mix and match timber and aluminium windows throughout your house, you can also configure the Horizon, Ascend and Paragon ranges depending on the window and door size and style wanting to be achieved in each area.

      • Horizon – Our classic residential option with slim profiles is our most cost-effective solution available in an extensive range of windows and doors.
      • Ascend – Our stylish designer option delivers clean architectural lines, robust frames for larger panels and a sharp, balanced design aesthetic that will add character and sophistication to any home.
      • Paragon – Our architectural option for residential or commercial with advanced design. Paragon’s robust frame allows for larger panels and expanses of glass.
      • Halo Aquashield™ – An integrated window flashing system designed specifically for homes constructed with light weight cladding for dramatically improve moisture management.

      Wideline Windows & Doors timber range

      • Natura - Bring the natural warmth of timber to your home with our Natura range in sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar, Merbau and Meranti timber.

      5. Glass and glazing options

      Glass options are an important consideration to:

      • Reduce external noise;
      • Keep unwanted heat and glare from the sun out;
      • Keep out cold air;
      • Maintain year round comfort.

      Selecting the right glass for your home will have a significant impact on the comfort, energy efficiency and overall look and feel of your home. You can also choose tinted glass to blend in to your home, or act as a feature, or increase thermal insulation.

      6. Colour choices & hardware options

      You may want more than the standard features. You can tailor your windows and doors to your home by choosing from our range of colours and our hardware selection of door handles, screens options and locks.

      When choosing a colour, think about if you want the windows and doors to blend in with the surrounding space, or if you want them to be a stand out feature.

      7. Getting a quote & ordering

      To receive a quote you will need to have the measurements for the windows and doors, or your house plans/window schedule available. If you don’t have these, Wideline highly recommends seeking the assistance of a licensed builder to measure your window and door openings.

      8. Installation

      Have you organised the products to be installed by a builder or are you installing the products yourself?

      We are a manufacturer and supplier of windows and doors, if you don’t have a builder or installer, contact the Wideline team on 1300 943 354 and we can recommend an independent installer in your area who is familiar with our products.

      Wideline does offer a supply and install service for commercial projects.





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