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Interior Design trends for 2021

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2021


If architectural trends for 2021 have anything in common, it’s the reflection of social trends.

The 2020 lockdown has fundamentally changed the way we live in our homes. Society in general seems to be yearning for simplicity and sanctuary, and a closer connection to family and nature.

This eclectic list sets the stage for some very clever solutions, just take a look.

Fixed Window natural interior design

1. Back to nature designs

One of the most exciting concepts to emerge this year is biophilic design. It recognises our desire for a closer connection to all that’s natural. It has inspired the increased use of natural materials, the seamless integration of inside to outside and a curvaceous architectural aesthetic.

Raw, sustainable materials – think polished concrete and reclaimed timber – are making a welcome return to all manner of surfaces. Natural fibres such as rattan and wicker in chairs, carpets and lighting is becoming very popular, and verdant indoor plants are literally popping up everywhere. Who would have thought the online searches for house plants would surpass shoes!

If we are talking ultra-current trends, passive homes are at the top of the list. Their aim is to reduce energy consumption by strategic tree plantings and the considered placement of windows and doors to control the natural flow of air throughout the home.

Fixed windows tick the biophilic design box nicely. Properly positioned Wideline Fixed Windows can illuminate your dullest space with an abundance of free sunlight that will save energy and lift your spirits.

Fixed 90 degree corner silicone joint windows can open up an unhindered natural panorama and add a wow factor to your favourite space. The same goes for Wideline Sliding Stacking Doors, they open up a seamless transition from outside to in, with up to 4 meters of uninterrupted views and a flood of natural light and ventilation.

Natural, organic shapes are prominent in the Neotenic design trend, which is influencing everything from arched doorways and round windows to furniture with voluminous curves and tubular forms. Chairs, coffee tables, mirror frames and even lamps are given a young, fun and modern look.

Wideline fixed windows can complement Neotenic décor with contemporary shapes such as circles and arches and add a curvaceous organic feel and a touch of playfulness to any room of your home.


Cavity Stacking Door

2. Alfresco all year round

Anyone who has been isolated in lockdown without access to an outdoor area knows how important nature is to your health.

Given this, the trend for alfresco living will only grow in 2021 as we spend more of our recreation time at home. Of course, the backyard has always been an Aussie sanctuary, but how do you integrate it into the rest of the home?

No matter the size, shape or dimensions of your home, the trick is to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces and increase your living space.

The latest trend is to replace the back wall of the home with Wideline Cavity Stacking Doors, like the image above of Kyal & Kara's Blue Lagoon Build. They open to one side, stack cleanly alongside each other and can be completely concealed inside a cavity wall. The effect blurs the boundaries of exterior and interior spaces, so you cannot distinguish if you’re in or outside of the house.

Wideline Bi-Fold Doors do this beautifully too. Bi-Folds slide can be configured to fold neatly against one wall or both sides of the door opening.

Bi-fold Windows open up smaller spaces the same way, making them perfect for an alfresco servery. If you prefer to avoid seeing vertical stiles when the windows are closed Gas Strut Windows are an even better option. Wideline Paragon range Gas Strut sashes open upward and outwards. The look is stylish and makes the most of your servery benchtop space.

Installing Wideline windows and doors opens up a natural flow of movement throughout your home, from the entry point through to the living space then onto the alfresco area, inviting daylight in and views out with an expansive wall of glass.

Matching interior and exterior decors and materials will complete the picture, helping inside and outside spaces become one.

Bathroom louvre windows privacy glass

3. The bathroom as your sanctuary

Your home’s other sanctuary is the bathroom. Did we say sanctuary? We meant your own personal spa.

Gone are the days of just putting in traditional frosted sliding or awning windows for ventilation. With limitations on travel and a swell in the wellness sector, everyone wants a luxury spa bathroom experience at home.

While all-white bathrooms will remain on trend as they create a spa-like feel that’s serene and clean, architects and designers are also using raw materials such as recycled or repurposed wood and concrete to add warmth and depth to walls, ceilings and floors.

A freestanding bath framed by a large window is the ultimate in bathroom luxury and makes a wonderful focal point.

If your window doesn’t overlook a private courtyard, you can always bring nature inside with a living hydroponic green wall or chic potted plants – the spotted begonia is predicted to be the hot house plant of 2021.

Bathroom windows still need to invite light in but keep out prying eyes. A tower of lovely louvres does this job with style. Tilt the privacy glass slats to any angle and soak in the divine glow of infused natural light.

Alternately you could go the full monty and let large floor to ceiling fixed pane windows bathe you in light. You can pair them with translucent LuminaMist privacy glass, sleek roller blinds or leave the glazing au natural, for a clear view of your private sunlit courtyard.

Three Birds Renovations House 8

4. Next level Minimalism

Clutter is out, calm is in. Minimalism is entering a new round of popularity with those who appreciate stillness in design. Think uncomplicated, multipurpose spaces of laid-back sophistication, using simple forms and the latest materials to cleverly conceal your clutter.

Staircases are being integrated into a larger furniture design, with their under space utilised for workstations or shelving.

Kitchens are integrated seamlessly with living areas into a clean, linear and cohesive environment. Handles on drawers and cabinets are replaced with invisible hardware. Sleek island benches host hidden storage niches, stools, sinks, drawers, or even dishwashers and microwaves.

Less is more, exterior walls can be spanned by fixed windows, or opened up through glass entry doors to create unhindered access to terraces and verandas.

To increase a sense of height and space, add Wideline custom shaped Raked Windows to your room. They sit close to the ceiling, above your windows and doors, and can be shaped to match the pitch of your roof.

Minimalistic design is simplistic, but it need not be stark. The Dulux 2021 Colour of the Year recommends indulging in a nurturing palette that nourishes the soul, with light neutral tones, and biophilic hues of white, greys, golden turmeric browns and mossy greens.

Electric Louvre Highlight Windows Study Nook

5. Work from Home Study Nook

With so many of us at home this year, flexibility is the key to redefining our relationship with spaces for work, play and relaxation.

The latest trend is for hybrid homes that grow and change with your family’s needs. Think mixed-use rooms, flexible zones and adaptable spaces with fewer formal separations.

Non-permanent walls such as curtains and mobile panels are popular as they can be moved to open up or shut off specific areas according to how we are using our spaces.

Artificial backgrounds for your Zoom calls means you no longer have to shut yourself away to hide your personal paraphernalia. Working areas can be less formal and coexist with other living areas. Underused corners of the home and even larger furniture pieces can be repurposed into space-efficient workstations.

Who would have thought the “Cloffice” trend – converting a redundant closet into a home office – would take the internet by storm?

Ensuring that any work area or nook is well lit is essential, as is the ability to let in fresh air rather than relying on air con – one of the many advantages home has over working in a corporate office.

Internal glass divisions such as Wideline fixed windows can provide privacy when needed and supply essential light. Strategically placed internal adjustable louvres, double hung windows and casement windows can also encourage the natural flow of fresh air to every room.


Interior Design Trends 2021

It's been a long year, so we have good reason to rejoice when thinking of the design trends coming up in 2021. Everything from the materials we choose to the design of our living spaces is changing and new building design trends that may well influence how you plan your renovation or new build.

Through it all it’s good to know you can rely on Wideline to recommend a solution for your home that meets your needs and current trends. For expert advice, talk to a Wideline consultant. Visit a Showroom or call 1300 943 354.