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Window & Door Bar Layouts and Patterns

Create the perfect custom look for your home with Wideline's glazing bars.

Whether you are looking to create a Hamptons style home, preserve the character of a Federation style home or enhance an architectural element, we offer a variety of patterns that may be customised to suit most applications in timber and aluminium.

Choose from our Colonial, Federation, Diamond Head and Heritage patterns:

Wideline Windows bar layout designs

Note: The Federation pattern has a standard bar position 110mm from the inside edge of frame.

Glazing bars can be fitted as a decorative feature to the interior and exterior surface of the glass, or manufactured as individually glazed units to strengthen the construction of your windows and doors.

Bars are available in a variety of styles for aluminium windows and doors. Choose from Colonial Bar, Endeavour Bar, Montgomery Bar or Individually Glazed Colonial Bar styles:

Wideline Window window bar examples 

Timber windows can only be manufactured as Individually Glazed Colonial Bars.

House with timber bar windows


Some option constraints may apply depending on each product's load and capabilities.

Looking for more information about aluminium window and door sizes? Download our Technical Guide.             

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