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Energy efficient glass

The correct glazing provides a host of opportunities to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of the home environment.

As insulation in your walls helps reduce energy loss, so too does energy efficient glass in your windows and doors. The correct glass in your windows will make your home more comfortable year round, dramatically reduce your energy costs and help to create a brighter, cleaner, healthier home environment.

SmartGlass™ affordable energy efficient glass

SmartGlass™ is a range of single glazed toughenable Low E products offering insulation and a choice of solar protection with low reflectivity. SmartGlass™ is ideally suited to the demands of Australian residential houses providing excellent performance and versatility for single glazed windows improving glass insulation by up to 39%.

  • SmartGlass™ is a revolution in window technology. It looks like ordinary glass but has a high tech (Low E) coating fused to the glass which actively insulates a home.

  • SmartGlass™ suits almost any style of window frame – timber, aluminium or PVC. It can even be cut to fit existing windows making it the smartest choice for renovations to give you year round comfort.

  • SmartGlass™ comes with Viridian’s 10 year warranty which includes an extra processing warranty, exclusive to all Viridian SmartGlass™.

  • Low-E stands for Low Emissivity. A low emissivity coating reduces the amount of infrared energy (heat) that passes through the window. There are two main kinds of Low-E coatings – hard coat and soft coat Low-E. The Low-E coating on SmartGlass™ is a hard coat.

Double glazing

Double glazing reduces the loss of heat from the home in the winter. In summer, double glazing will stop heat from entering the home, as it helps to reduce the amount of radiated heat gain. The insulation properties of double glazing can actively save a significant amount on your heating or cooling bills. Double glazed windows are windows that have two glass panels separated by a thin layer of air or a nontoxic gas such as argon.

Choosing double glazing does come at a higher cost at the outset, however the thermal efficiency in your home’s windows can be improved by up to 40%. Find out more here.

BASIX and NatHERS ratings

Wideline’s range of windows and doors are BASIX compliant and have been thoroughly tested by a (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme)  NatHERS-approved Certifier. You can view Wideline's certified energy ratings here.


For more information on how to improve your home’s energy rating and liveability, contact us on 1300 943 354 or visit one of our NSW showrooms.




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