Wideline continues to lead the way in residential and architectural window design by addressing the essential benefits of functionality and durability, whilst also making a bold statement about the aesthetic value of quality and style.

Explore our range of Aluminium and Timber doors and windows.

Explore Horizon
Horizon sliding door in Pearl White, Hopwood Homes
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Ascend stacking door in Monument Matt
Explore Paragon
Paragon bi-fold window in Shale Grey Matt
Explore Natura
Outdoor leisure area with large glass windows

At Wideline we are proud to offer a comprehensive and innovative selection of design solutions that cater for every need.

In aluminium frames you can choose from the classic Horizon residential range, to the sleek contemporary Ascend designer range. Both are compatible with our unique award-winning Halo Aquashield™ integrated window and door flashing for light weight construction.
Paragon our benchmark architectural and commercial range offers a larger robust frame and superior performance and glazing capabilities to deliver industry leading quality.
Or bring a natural warmth to your home with our Natura timber frames. Choose between our Western Red Cedar or Meranti timber species.


Window Awning
Top hung inward projecting window drawing
Top hung inward projecting simple diagram
Hinged at the top to provide convenient operation and controlled ventilation, awning windows offer superior energy efficiency
Window Sliding
Sliding windows vector graphic
Transparent sliding window diagram
An absolute classic, the sliding window allows for large horizontal openings, bringing more airflow and light into to your home.
Window Casement
Black open casement window
open window casement sketch
Flexible hinge left or hinge right design options, and a timeless appeal. Casements offer maximum airflow and superior energy efficiency.
Window Double Hung
black double hung window sketch
Double hung window drawing
Bring the cool breezes in from the bottom sash, and allow warmer air to escape through the top sash.
Window Sashless
Black sashless window sketch
White sashless window design
Horizontal or vertical opening counterbalanced glass panes create a sleek, minimalist look without the bulk of a sash frame.
Window Louvre
open louvre windows graphic
Louvre windows inwards sketch
Take over with the ultimate safety and climate control. Louvres let you manage ventilation through manual or powered operation.
Window Bi-fold
Bi fold window example
bi fold door vector
Highly functional and versatile, bi-folds seamless connect two spaces making them a great choice for a kitchen servery window.
Window Strut
Gas strut window open drawing
Open window on gas struts image
An entertainer’s dream. Gas strut windows blend style with maximum view and access. Ideal as a kitchen servery window.
Window Fixed
Black square window frame png
White square window frame drawing
Invite an expanse of warm natural light into your home. Picture windows create the perfect frame for your ultimate view.
Door Hinged
Black hinged glass block door sketch
Glass block hinged door sketch
Available as single or double opening French door style configurations, great for external back deck doors or internal room dividers.
Door Bi-fold
Black bi fold door opening
white bi-fold door opening
Stylish, practical and available in various configurations, bi-fold doors are a great solution when seeking free flowing access between areas.
Door Front Entry
Glass entry door vector
Entry door simple design
Choose from a range of designs and customisation options to create the perfect first impression for your home or commercial space.
Door Cavity Stacking
black cavity stacking door image
Stacking cavity doors sketch
Door panels are cleverly concealed into the wall cavity when open, a smart and stylish solution to maximising space.
Door Sliding
Black framed sliding doors image
Sliding window simple diagram
Easy to maintain and quiet to operate, their design and solid security features offer both comfort and safety for exterior doors.
Door Stacking
doors on doors stacking sketch
Stacking doors example image
Achieve wide entrance ways and panoramic views. Stacking doors provide up to 11m of seamless transition from outside to in.

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Horizon 90 degree corner join and awning window
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Our aluminium windows & doors

For many people, durability is an important aspect of choosing the most appropriate building materials for their property.

Thankfully, aluminium frame windows and doors are durable, low maintenance and will not deteriorate or rust over time like PVC frames. This makes them the ideal choice for those living in areas of high humidity and coastal regions. Aluminium is an extremely robust material that offers a stylish, sleek look and feel for the modern home.

Builders and home owners love our aluminium windows and doors with improved sight-lines, producing more natural light. Not to mention the vast array of powder coat colours available, giving you a multitude of colour finishes to choose from so you can perfectly match or contrast with your surroundings.

Aluminium windows and doors are able to remain as strong and beautiful as the day they were installed.

Take a closer look at our aluminium doors and windows to find the perfect fit for your home.

Our timber windows & doors

There’s nothing like the warmth and beauty of timber windows & doors.

While the initial cost of timber products can be higher than aluminium, the benefits they offer in terms of thermal efficiency and durability will deliver a better rate of return in the long run.

As a natural insulator, timber provides superior performance when it comes to reducing the transfer of heat and cold. For instance, a single glazed timber casement or awning window can achieve a similar thermal performance rating (U value) to a double glazed aluminium casement or awning window.

Being renewable, timber is a truly sustainable building material. Wideline cedar is responsibly sourced and sustainably managed with FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification.

No building materials are maintenance free. Stain your timber products to show the natural grain or paint them. Properly cared for, Wideline timber windows and doors are durable and will retain their appeal for generations.

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Our award winning Halo Aquashield™

Australia’s only integrated flashing system for lightweight clad construction.

Designed specifically for modern lightweight clad construction, Halo Aquashield™ is the only integrated flashing system which effectively seals the gaps between windows, and wall frames.

Its hardened “flashing fin” surrounds the head, jamb, and sills of a window. Halo forms an impermeable seal that can be bonded directly to the building wall wrap, providing the building envelope with superior weatherproofing and air infiltration performance. It is also compatible with sliding doors, surrounding the head and jamb of the doors.

Halo is a tough barrier against the harsh elements which mother nature can throw at our houses, preventing water ingress. It also improves the airtightness of windows and sliding doors, so the house is more energy-efficient and feels more comfortable.

Designed to suit our Horizon and Ascend range windows and sliding doors.

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Our mesh screens

Fly screens for your windows and doors to keep the insects out.
SafeLine™ fall prevention screens to keep your loved ones in.
PetMesh that protects against playful paws.
BarrierLine™ for safety.
SecureLine™ stainless steel mesh screens for ultimate security.

Wideline has all your screen requirements covered!

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