Thank heavens for Halo! Wideline's Halo Aquashield™ is an innovative and award winning solution to the age old installation woes of the past. Halo is an integrated window flashing system designed for lightweight construction which incorporates the flashing into the window, allowing for faster and neater installation.

In 2014 Wideline was presented with the 2014 HIA CSR Hunter Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom – Industry Innovation Award. The Industry Innovation Award seeks to stimulate a culture of innovation in the housing industry by encouraging practitioners to embrace new technologies and products.

The Industry Innovation Award recognises an industry leader in the design and manufacture of products and services for the residential building industry incorporating new residential building, renovations and developments.

The award aims to:

  • Identify new products that will improve the cost effectiveness of the housing industry;
  • Encourage industry to adopt flexible and innovative approaches.



Window and door openings are your homes most vulnerable points when it comes to moisture management. Leakage around window frames can cause serious damage to the wall frame and internal linings. So why take the risk?

Halo Aquashield™ integrates the window flashing in to the window itself. It is an all-inclusive, seamless technology that achieves superior performance with reduced installation costs.

Halo Aquashield™ is a true testament to Wideline’s desire to be a product innovator and industry leader. Wideline’s R&D team will continue to strive to produce innovative and award winning products.

See the easy installation of Halo Aquashield™ with Kyal from The Block

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