Awning windows are a popular window style as they offer a range of benefits while working well with both modern and traditional architecture. Wideline awning windows are available in timber and aluminium, which allows diverse design and functionality.

How awning windows operate

Awning windows open outward from a top hinge. They are screened on the inside of the window. A chain winder allows you to open the window to the amount required. Wideline awning windows can be locked in an open position, and the chain winder will only allow the window to be wound closed.

Horizon awning windows in Shale Grey

Horizon awning windows in Shale Grey

Where awning windows can be used

Awning windows can be used in most areas that require an openable window. Awning windows can be placed higher on walls than most openable windows, and can be located over furniture or benches but still allow access to the window for opening. This makes them highly practical in bathrooms and kitchens. Another factor that makes awning windows a perfect choice for bathrooms and bedrooms is their ability to maintain privacy.

Ascend awning window

Ascend awning window in Black Matt, Meridian

Advantages of awning windows:

  • Wideline’s awning windows have a full perimeter pressure seal. This reduces external noise, makes them ideal for high wind locations and provides better insulation. Awning windows insulative properties make them a good match for higher performing glass options.
  • Awning windows allow diverse design possibilities. They can be placed high or low on walls. They can be grouped together to improve airflow and still maintain an aesthetically pleasing look to your home. The sashes can be wide or narrow – and everything in between.

  • Awning windows are suited to both contemporary and traditional style homes. The placement, size and frame (timber or aluminium) will determine the architectural effect.
  • Awning windows can be opened even when it’s raining. The window opens outwards from the top hinge and lets in ventilation at the bottom of the sash, without the threat of water entering the home.
  • Awning windows can be grouped together with other windows.
  • Awning windows can be placed higher on walls than many other types of windows. High window placement is useful for capturing natural light and ventilation while also maximising your wall space and maintaining privacy.
  • Awning windows offer superior privacy options to other openable windows. By using high window placement or using opaque glass you can have an openable window without compromising privacy.
  • Awning windows can be locked in an open position. This means they are a good window choice if you would like to let in ventilation and not compromise the security of your home.
  • When reducing the sash size and increasing the number of panels, awning windows provide better ventilation than sliding windows, double hung windows and sashless windows.

The only downside of awning windows is that they are not the best window option for placing in locations where they would open over decks, walkways or terraces as the sash protrudes outwards. Awning windows are a great choice for your home if you are seeking improved energy efficiency and sound insulation as well as design versatility.

A range of design configurations can be achieved. For instance, awnings are a particularly great window solution where the opening space is wider than it is tall.


Wideline awning windows are available across all Wideline aluminium and timber product ranges. A variety of upgrade options are available for all Wideline awning windows:

  • High performance glazing
  • Internal insect screens, security screens or SafeLine™ fall prevention screens.
  • Decorative window bars
  • Custom made awning window configurations
  • Hardware colour matching.

If you’re building in light-weight cladding, ask about our factory fitted Halo Aquashield™ integrated flashing that wraps around Wideline’s Horizon and Ascend range awning windows for improved moisture management.

To see Wideline’s awning windows on display, visit a showroom near you or view our awning window gallery online.