Aluminium sliding window sizes

Wideline's aluminium sliding windows are available in the following standard window sizes in our Horizon residential range. Sliding servery windows are also available in our Horizon range, and can be seen in the second table below. Colonial bar layouts are available for sliding windows, however Montgomery and Endeavour bars are not suitable for sliding windows. Custom sized sliding windows are available in our Horizon and Paragon ranges.

Wideline aluminium sliding windows plan

More information on Wideline's sliding windows

  • Sliding window configurations shown are reversible (ie. slide/fixed can be reversed to fixed/slide)
  • Single and double glazing is available up to a 14mm total thickness on Horizon sliding windows
  • Wideline sliding windows rate to a maximum BAL-40 rating
  • Window sash restrictors are available to limit sash opening to 100mm.
  • The window stud opening size shown applies to frames fitted with reveals for brick veneer application.
  • We recommend you have your windows installed by a licenced builder. Find out more about Wideline's window installation instructions.
Aluminium servery sliding windows plan



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