If you’re building a new home, you have a great opportunity to get creative and build something that is both enduring and aesthetically pleasing – something that you (and your family) will be comfortable living in for many years to come.

When building a new home, one of the things that you should pay close attention to is the windows. The days are long gone when there was anything resembling a ‘standard’ window. These days, people make use of a wide range of interesting and vibrant designs, to not only allow ventilation and light into the room, but to also make the room a pleasing place to live.

So, what kind of window is right for your needs? There are many choices available to you, each with their own advantages cases of when they can best be used.

Horizon awning windows, Camelot Homes

Horizon awning windows, Camelot Homes

1. Awning windows

Awning windows have a hinge at the top, allowing them to be pushed out from the bottom. This is convenient, because it minimizes reach, and allows a great deal of flexibility and control over the ventilation provided.

Awning windows are also a good choice aesthetically, as they provide the appearance of being a fixed, continuous window. In fact, many buildings use a combination of fixed windows and awning windows to create a cohesive approach to window design, while still allowing some of the windows to be opened to let the air in.

Paragon sliding window in Monument Matt with silver hardware

Kingsford project: Paragon sliding window in Monument Matt with silver hardware

2. Sliding windows

One of the most classic window designs, everyone knows what a sliding window looks like, and how it operates. Its sheer versatility and timeless design means that it remains a popular choice. Sliding windows have the benefit of allowing for very large openings to be created, allowing the maximum amount of fresh air and light to flow into your house.

Horizon double hung window

Horizon double hung window in Pearl White

3. Double hung windows

Double hung windows are an alternate type of sliding window. Where the traditional sliding window moves from left to right (or vice versa), a double hung window lifts upwards or downwards. For wooden double hung windows, we prefer using Western Red Cedar because of its beautiful colour, finish, simplicity and design functionality.

The advantage of this window system is that it allows you to better control the temperature of your home. Because hot air rises, and cool air sinks, you can leverage the double hung window in different ways, depending on the season, to allow cooler air in and/or hot air out.

With double hung windows, you can also achieve the sought after hallmark Hamptons style look that is grand, sophisticated, and timeless. Colonial bars can also be applied to enhance the look of your home.

Paragon sashless windows

Paragon sashless windows with key lock

4. Sashless windows

Sashless windows are for people that want a slick, chic version of the classic double hung look. Sashless windows behave in exactly the same way as a double hung window does, in that the panes of glass can be moved up and down. The difference is that the sashless window doesn’t have the aluminium barrier, otherwise known as the ‘sash’ between the two panes of glass. In other words, the sashless window gives off the impression of one continuous pane of glass.

Sashless windows are designed to go with outdoor landscaping, in that they tend to be long and thin, and visually complement trees or other tall plants that you might have outdoors.

Kyal & Kara: Casement Windows and highlight windows in Pearl White

Kyal & Kara: Casement Windows and highlight windows in Pearl White, Long Jetty Reno

5. Casement windows

Casement windows look and operate a little like doors; unlike sliding windows, they open outwards, and unlike awning windows, they open from the side out.

The casement window is an ideal choice if you’ve got larger or heavier windows. Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to screen a Casement window. Standard fly screens, fall prevention screens or security screens can usually be fitted.

Paragon louvre window in Pearl White

Kyal & Kara: Paragon louvre window in Pearl White with privacy glass, Long Jetty Reno

6. Louvre windows

For this one, think of the classic venetian screen aesthetic, and then apply that to glass. Then, you’ll have the louvre window look!

With recent innovations in the louvre range, it means you can now control your louvres via wall switch or app. Perfect for when your louvres are up high or hard-to-reach places. And yes, it is possible to add screens to louvre windows, too!

This modern, stylish approach to windows offers a number of great benefits for your household. Firstly, you get precise control over the amount of air and light that is let into the house, which makes these windows ideal for handling the seasons. Secondly, these windows can be used to enhance privacy with windows that are facing outwards, making them ideal for any window facing a street or public area.

Paragon bi-fold window in Shale Grey Matt

Paragon bi-fold window in Shale Grey Matt

7. Bi-Fold windows

Bi-Fold windows are ideal for any time you need a wide, open window to the space beyond. A kitchen that faces an entertainment or BBQ area, for example – with bi-fold windows, you’ll be able to pass the food platters, drinks, and anything else you’ll need right through the servery window.

The value of a bi-fold window is that it will open completely, and the window itself won’t take up much room when open. You’ll have a seamless link between the two rooms, with no risk of anyone running into the window frame by accident.

Even better, our aluminium Paragon range bi-fold windows are now fully screenable. The smart retractable screen retracts horizontally and discreetly into its frame when not in use. When it is in use, the screen has no pleats or panel frames to impede the view – a revolutionary and elegant solution.

Paragon rake ceiling and windows in Pearl White

Three Birds Renovations: Natura timber rake windows in white, House 8

8. Fixed windows

Finally, we come to the fixed window. These won’t open at all – they’re not designed for ventilation. Rather, they’re designed to let the natural light in. If you’ve got an unusual window design in mind – for example, a window on the corner that “wraps around” your home, then you’ll need a fixed window design to make that happen.

Another common use for fixed windows is for producing large window spaces that frame a perfect view. For example, if you plan on having almost an entire wall space be occupied by a window, it will likely need to be a fixed window for stability. With many modern homes aiming to be as bright and sun-lit as possible, the fixed window is in high demand.

Fixed windows can be made in custom sizes where you might want to create a feature or work with the architectural style of your home. Think porthole style, arch or rake windows.

Natura timber round window with glazing bars

Natura timber round window with glazing bars, painted white

Carefully choosing the right window for your home

So, as you can see, there are many window options available to you, and you can get very creative in the design of your home by considering all the window options and thinking carefully about your choice.

Are you renovating or building a new home? Contact the team at Wideline about any of these styles or designs. Or visit a showroom and take a closer look at our window displays.