With international travel still off the cards, we’re all thinking “let’s renovate instead”.

It’s true, there’s never been a better time to create the home you’ve always wanted and add value in the process. But renovating can be a massive undertaking with a mind-numbing number of options to consider.

The truth is, you don’t really need to dive into a full-blown makeover, in fact it can be far more satisfying to start off with an achievable, time and budget-friendly project.

For example, simply upgrading your old windows and doors can add immediate pizazz, and make your home much more enjoyable to live in.

With that in mind, here are four tips that could make a big impact on your lifestyle and your return on investment.

Horizon awning windows

Horizon awning windows in Shale Grey

1. Stem the flow of air and your money

Draughty air leaking through poorly sealed windows can make your home feel like an igloo in winter and a sauna in summer, and increase your energy costs by up to 25 percent^.

Fixing this can be as easy as replacing your old windows with new Wideline Timber or Aluminium windows. They all come with full perimeter sash seals to provide maximum weather protection whilst simultaneously reducing air infiltration.

Fixed windows are the most weathertight choice. Casement window and Awning windows are a close second. When closed, their window sash meets the full perimeter seal straight on, creating the best weathertight bond that reduces air leaks.

Standard window glass is another source of heat loss and gain. Both hot and cold air flows through it like a river.

To stem the flow, install double glazing or high thermal performance glazing such as Low E glass (low emissivity glass). They may cost a little more initially, but they will save you money in the long run and increase your comfort without compromising your view.

Viridian SmartGlass for single glazed windows looks like ordinary glass but with a Low E coating that can improve its ability to insulate by up to 39%.

Double glazed windows can prevent up to 77% of heat loss/gain throughout all seasons., when constructed of two Low E glass panels separated by a thin layer of non-toxic, inert gas.

Three Birds Renovations: Paragon casement windows and french doors, House 8

2. Change your Outlook

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! One of the easiest ways to create a wow factor in any home is to make the most of your view.

Whether you’re looking at mountains, the beach, a cityscape, or just your backyard, what you see outside can create a focal point, set the tone for your home or simply make a beautiful backdrop.

According to Biophilic Design principles, a strong connection to nature in our homes can invigorate our mood, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and even speed healing.

Installing floor to ceiling fixed windows, or doors that fold or slide all the way open, are great ways to bring the outside in and let it take centre stage.

A wall of Paragon Architectural range or Ascend Designer range fixed floor-to-ceiling windows can make your space feel larger and provide protection from the elements while enhancing every inch of your view.

Bi-fold windows and doors are also a great option. They are constructed as a series of panels that glide off to the side, stacking neatly on themselves to create a totally unobstructed view.

You could also look at Paragon Cavity Stacking doors. When opened, they are completely concealed within the wall cavity, creating unhindered access from your interior living spaces to outside entertainment spaces and gardens.

To find out more about making the most of your view see our blog on floor to ceiling windows.

Paragon rake windows and bi-fold doors

Three Birds Renovations: Paragon rake windows and bi-fold doors, House 8

3. Lighten your mood with natural light

Many older homes were not designed to allow adequate light. It can mean you have to keep the lights on inside in the middle of the day, even when it’s sunny outside.

If there’s nothing worse for you than dark and dreary, invite more daylight into your room by enlarging your existing windows or positioning new ones to take full advantage of the available light.

Natural light has a way of creating a sense of airiness & space like nothing else can.

Where possible, place windows on more than one wall for a better distribution of light. Make sure your main windows are facing North for the most light, the greatest amount of solar heat gain in the Winter and the best heat protection in the Summer.

Double hung windows are a popular choice for most styles of home. With two sashes that slide up and down independently of each other, they have the added benefit of encouraging air movement and cross ventilation breezes.

Floor to ceiling Bi-Fold doors are a particularly good choice as they can transform a whole wall of your home into glass for breath-taking views and ultimate light levels.

A stunning Wideline Paragon Highlight window or Gable Rake fixed window above your main entrance can add a sense of grandeur and can banish gloom from the dingiest hallway.


Paragon stacking door sill

Kingsford project: Paragon stacking door sill in Monument Matt

4. Invest in your future

If your house is your forever home, now is the perfect time to set it up for your changing needs.

Trips and falls account for over 100,000^ hospital admissions a year. Fortunately, many of Wideline’s doors come with options for low profile disability sills and thresholds that allow safer access for people with mobility issues and minimize trip hazards in general.

Installing wide span Sliding doors can make it easier for you to come and go if you need to use mobility devices like wheelchairs and walking frames.

You may even need easy lock mechanisms like the range of awning windows and louvre windows with electronic operation. Your Wideline Consultant can recommend a range of long-term livability renovation solutions.

Whether you’re on the verge of a full-blown renovation or simply need to breathe a little life into a tired space, taking the time to talk to a Wideline Consultant will put you on track right from the start.

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