Both practical and stylish, splashbacks are a great way to refresh your kitchen without needing to invest in a complete overhaul. In the past, traditional tile splashbacks were the only real choice for homeowners who liked to conform. However, the last few years have seen a rise in modern kitchen splashbacks.

Whether you’re a fan of high-gloss glass or a frosted finish, Wideline Windows & Doors has a variety of stylish window and glass options perfect for the modern kitchen window splashback. To help you understand what options you have available to you, here are five kitchen splashback ideas to consider.

What Type Of Splashback Is Best For The Kitchen?

The best type of splashback for a kitchen is one that fits your current style and design. It’s also important to select a splashback that is easy to clean, durable and with little maintenance.

Dark kitchens can benefit from having a fixed slimline window installed along the length of the stove, sink and sideboard, blending both style and function. Ultimately, the aim of a splashback is to prevent oil, water and food from clinging to the walls, so a material that can be wiped clean is a must.

What Is The Best Material For A Splashback?

When it comes to kitchen splashbacks, the main thing to consider is the type of material it’s made from. While wood and paper are possibilities, their naturally porous nature makes them less than ideal – especially when oil and water are thrown into the mix. Some of the best materials for kitchen splashbacks include:

  • Ceramic or glass tiles.
  • Copper or chrome sheeting.
  • Custom-designed windows.
  • Leather and vinyl board.
  • Varnished and sealed wood.

5 Modern Kitchen Splashbacks to Consider

If you’re struggling to find a modern kitchen splashback that fits in with the current design of your home, then here are five ideas to provide you with a little bit of inspo. We understand that not every home is able to install a new window in the kitchen area, so we’ve included a mix of traditional and window-style ideas to get started with.


1. Fixed Window Splashback

If your kitchen is small or poorly lit, there’s nothing quite like a fixed window splashback to help. Fixed in place with either a timber or aluminium frame, a fixed window splashback doesn’t open. Fixed picture windows are a fantastic way to introduce lots of natural light into the kitchen, lighting the stove or sink for improved visual effect.

Wideline Windows & Doors Horizon Fixed Windows are slimline, flexible and easily manufactured to fit your design. Being slimline, they are a great addition to the kitchen and don’t eliminate wall space as a full window does. The finish of your window will also play a role in creating a striking splashback. Whether you choose transparent or frosted glass, your kitchen will feel lighter, brighter and more spacious.


2. Subway Tile Splashback

Oozing classic charm and style, a subway tile splashback can look great as a standalone feature or as a finish to a splashback window. Opt for a solid shade instead of mixed shades for a sleek, professional look and feel to your kitchen. If the thought of monochromatic tiles makes you shudder, adding a pop of colour with carefully placed tiles can help pick out statement colours in the kitchen.

A recent trend of taking something traditional and giving it a twist has seen subway tiles turned on their side running vertically instead of horizontally. If you want to achieve a more urban kitchen feel, tiles can be laid in a brick pattern. And if you want something truly unique, laying them diagonally creates an eye-catching pattern that becomes a focal point in the home.


3. Glass Splashback

Adding maximum privacy and plenty of personality to your kitchen, a glass splashback is a great way to update your kitchen. The good thing about a glass splashback is the versatility of options to choose from, from painted or frosted glass, to mirrored or mural backdrops.

Opting for frosted glass instead of opaque glass lets you create a splashback with a difference. From strategically placed LED strip lights to vibrant artwork behind, it adds an air of fun to the space. Frosted glass is also ideal for installing in a fixed window placed directly behind a stove or sink, allowing light to pass through while retaining privacy.


4. Timber Bi-Fold Splashback

If flooding the kitchen with plenty of fresh air while you cook is important to you, then a timber bi-fold window splashback could be exactly what you are looking for. Being made predominantly from glass; oil, water, and food splatterings can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

Timber adds a touch of country kitchen to the home and can be sealed to minimise porosity. If you’re a fan of more urban styles, brushed aluminium is both fashionable and functional. Bi-fold windows are a great choice for those who want to move away from dark, tiled walls and basic splashbacks and achieve something more bright and airy.


5. Copper Splashback

Adding beautiful hues of burned orange and generous amounts of light-reflecting shine, a copper splashback blends modern style with country chic. Being a great reflector, copper can help bounce light back into the kitchen, making it a viable alternative when a window splashback can’t be installed. Easy to clean and full of rustic charm, it will create a talking point whenever you entertain in the kitchen.

If copper is a little too country for your tastes, then stainless steel and chrome are great alternatives. Metals with a silver finish perfectly complement lighter shades, while coppers and bronzes are best suited to darker tones. Downlights can finish the look, boosting light levels in the kitchen in the evening.

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